Monday, October 20, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 24

It was a chilly day and so we spent most of the day indoors. The girls did some painting with watercolors.

I love how the kids pick up certain behaviors of mine without me teaching them. I'm a lazy mopper and if the kids spill water or some other liquid, I'll throw a towel on top and use my feet to sop it up, because usually I have Baby in my arms or something and bending over or getting on my hands and knees is not convenient for me. I caught Youngest doing the feet/towel thing when she spilled some of her water. I'll have to remember that the next time I'm doing something I don't want the kids to pick up.

Hubby went to our friends' place for more wood and I knew he would come home hungry. Plus, it's chilly and that's always an excuse to warm up the house with the oven! I made a roast and slow cooked it in the oven for several hours then added carrots for the last hour. I also boiled whole potatoes and then thick-sliced them and layered them with cooked onions, butter, milk and parmesan cheese for a rustic potato au gratin-- it was something I made up and it was delicious! I'll make that again!


ASL Blog said...

LOL! My 2.5 yr old daughter shows the same traits of mine from time to time, surprising me and like you said, I need to remember how to behave around her (if that's possible under motherhood amensia! LOL)

Yum! Please, please, and pretty please post the recipes of both! Thanks and look forward to cooking them soon! :0)

Sparx said...

Those spuds look amazing... and I love the pic of your girl mopping with her feet! I love that our kids pick things up... I just have to remember to curb my tongue some days!

jenny said...

marin- I'll be happy to share the recipe for the roast and the potatoes! I'll have to make it again because I never measure anything so I'll write it down the next time I make it!

Sparx-- Me, too! I have such a potty mouth! Bad me! :o)