Tuesday, October 7, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 13

We ended up not going to the store today... the older girls kept misbehaving in the van on the way down and my threats of "Settle down or I'm turning around" weren't working. So I actually turned around and that caused all sorts of carrying on between the girls. I pulled over and gave them a talking to and told them how I mean what I say and if they don't do it, there will be consequences. They miss out on the fun of playing with thousands of toys and I miss out on earning more money towards shopping, which in turn, means they lose out on things they want.

After getting back home, the Baby decided to take a nap for me, so I jumped on the sewing machine. I had gotten this fabric some time ago, intending to make a bib and burpcloth set for the Baby and make extra to sell.

In assembly line fashion, I cut out all the pieces, then pinned, then sewed, then turned them inside out. All that's left to do is sew around the edges and add the snaps, then I'm done. I've made about 50 of these over the past two years and some I give as gifts, but I mostly sell them to supplement our income.

My sewing machine needle broke and I was able to find a replacement in this sewing box I picked up at a yard sale. I always keep an eye out for old sewing boxes that have stuff in them. Never know what you'll find in them and they usually go for cheap. I picked up this big one for five bucks and lucky for me, there were plenty of sewing machine needles still in their mint, unopened packaging.

Tomorrow, Hubby has the day off so we will spend it splitting wood on our new (to us) log splitter. I'll take pictures to show how it works (just for you DJ!).


Lisa said...

Good for you , following up on your words! I so clearly remember from my childhood getting in trouble with my Mom over something. She told me that if I kept it up, I wouldn't be going to the movies with the rest of the family (a big deal back then when there weren't many kid movies!) I continued being a brat, and she called a neighbor to babysit me. I remember handing on the back gate as they all drove away crying! You can bet I never did THAT again!!

Love the bib set! If I had a baby or anyone else with one, i would so buy that set!!

Very much enjoying your blog!!

Sparx said...

You AMAZE me. You ALWAYS amaze me. You are so cool Jenny! I see there is a pic of a certain little boy in your last post so I'm diving in for a read!