Sunday, October 19, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 23

Hubby's Boss sent him to a fair the next town over. He is a salesman/spokesman for Bath Fitter--I'm sure you've seen the commercials: they cover your old, ugly bathtub or shower with a new one. He explains the procedure and shows how they do it with samples and answers questions. My husband is a real people person and is always talking to strangers, so this is the perfect job for him.

Anyway, the fair! Only 12 miles from our house, so I packed the kids into the van and decided to "visit" daddy at work and see what the fair held.

How convenient, the table next to Hubby's was a face painting group. Of course the older girls wanted their faces done. Youngest was a bit hesitant so she had her hand painted instead.

The kids l-o-v-e watching Pink Panther cartoons, so when they spotted this character, they went nuts! Of course, Youngest was a bit hesitant and didn't want to go near him, until he offered his bucket of candy to them. She gave him the two pieces of candy she had in her hand, thinking she was supposed to give them up, not get more candy. Just about every table and vendor there had candy and little prizes for the kids. We left the fair with bags full of candy, pencils, rulers, popcorn balls, stickers, crayons, balloons and (thankfully) toothbrushes and toothpaste!

After saying good-bye to daddy, we headed back home, and the girls proceeded to dump out all their goodies on the floor in their room. I didn't realize how much candy they got until I walked in and promptly confiscated most of it, to be doled out little by little, later. I was a little too late, though, because the rest of the afternoon was spent with them bouncing off the walls.

Their room was a mess (Oldest and Middle share a room) and this is what I found when I pulled the bed away from the wall. Good lord! What a mess! This is what I found:

hundreds of loose puzzle pieces from more than 3 puzzles

tons of little barbie accessories and clothes

a sock cut in half (what the...?!?)

my nice backgammon game case without the game pieces (!!!)

the jacket that I asked Middle several times to hang up and put away

candy wrappers

naked dolls (why are they always naked???)



and other bits and bobs

The whole room got cleaned up, swept and moved around. Hopefully my threats of no trick-or-treating will help keep the room clean, at least until after Halloween!


Karen Mayes said...

*laughing* at what you found under the bed... "naked dolls"... hahaha...I am sure you'd find a LOT of candy wrappers under their beds in two weeks ;o)

Lantana said...

Just wait until they are teenagers and you get better surprises than that under their beds, like old food with hair growing on it!

Lantana(who is happy that she has no more teenagers in the house).

Lisa C. said...

LOL. Welcome to a club! My boys didn't keep their room clean. I refused to rent a celio for my youngest son because he didn't keep his room clean for a month. I found some wrppers and spoiled food under his bed, ick.
Right, Lantna, No more teens in my house!!!

Karen Mayes said...

Groan... I have two kids who are yet to enter the teen years... my son is a preteen now... but he tosses clothes on the floor nowadays....


Lisa C. said...

Good luck Karen and Jenny!Its going to be a lot of fun. (chuckle)