Sunday, October 5, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 12

Today was a busy, busy day...

After breakfast, the kids and I headed to the food store and Hubby went to our friends' place to work on the wood pile. The trip to the food store today was not a particulary good one and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Usually I have my husband with me or I take one or two kids with me, or the husband goes, but today I felt brave to do it solo with the kids. Going on Sunday morning means most people are in church, right? Not today. For some reason, the store was quite busy and there was a lot more people blocking the aisles and me having to manuever around people and/or carts. It was probably a good thing I hurried to get out, or I would have bought more than my budget allowed-- I was $7.00 over budget as it was.

After the grocery store, I stopped at the friends' place to let the kids expend their energy. I should have dropped them off here first before the store. Our friend is giving the older girls a ride on the ATV. See the dog? Goofy dog-- when the ATV is moving, he keeps biting at the tires and sure enough, his nose got run over. They had to take him to the vet to stitch up his nose. Did he learn his lesson? Apparently not, he still tries to bite the tire as it goes.

Our friend is making sure Hubby knows how to use the log splitter. We made our last payment to him for it and he dropped it off at our place tonight. We bought his old splitter and he bought someone else's newer log splitter. The log splitter will save us lots of time when it's time to start splitting the logs for the wood stove. See the pile of logs behind them? It was over 400 logs there, and they are cutting them up, little by little. I'd say there are about 250 logs left now.

Tomorrow, me and the kids head to the store for another day of work. I didn't work as many hours as I hoped, but I worked just enough to shop for what the kids need. Gas prices have come down a little, which helps, but we aren't expecting it to stay low for long. Cheapest so far is $3.35.


DJ Kirkby said...

Great pics. Silly dog indeed. What an amazing ZZTop beard your friend has. What is a log splitter? Do you use it instead of an axe or is it for a different type of splitting of logs? xo

Karen Mayes said...

Hey, why don't you set up another blog called "Deaf Foxfire" or something like that, entirely devoted to learning to live off of the land, learning the meaning of frugality, etc? Or write the book and publish it? You have an amazing writing talent and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog :o)

Deaf Pixie said...

I read your blog and made me wonder how can Deaf mom made a homemade fruit or homemade something that you can useful I am very surprise you are keep contuine strong homemade.. Never go out of some where which you are not able to afford. your children made you keep busy without watch TV so far you barely watch tv,etc. etc.

I always wonder you never worn out. Have a good time together. I evny your family outgoing as how much you can handle with personal problem.. Glad CPS done! Sp you can move on and contuine to find a new doctor who against you one thing about breast feed issues. I rather to have a breast feed only. I know autoimmuzine in baby's health is bright and security from germ or sick.

P said...

One way to stay within budget is to use cloth diapers and wipes, they are washable and reuseable. I use cloth diapers and wipes most of the time, and they save me a lot of $$. Wipes can be simple dishrags used for that purpose only. I use a bucket to dump all used wipes and diapers in, then wash them once a day, and then line dry. I usually rotate between two piles of wipes and diapers, so I don't run out. There are tons of used cloth diapers for a good deal online..

Unknown said...

You know...something about your blog that had me hooked like addiction..I can't pinpoint but something your vibes, your writing style, lifestyle, down to earth... your philosophy that I am drawn to. I grew up experiencing exactly the ways you live today. I long to return to simple life. If I could I will. Economic predication may turn for worse. Normally, not a pessimist, but I start to think how to live much simpler, tighten up my ship- money, food, driving expenses, etc.
You are set for this kind of living. Thank you, Jenny for sharing with us of your living experience, insights and your loving family. You bring me Hope. You already affected my thinking and my outlook..
All I want to say, please keep on blogging.


jenny said...

Dj-- He does look like a zz top band member. His lady looks like janis joplin! The log splitter takes the place of an axe, and easily splits big fat logs so we don't have to heft an axe over and over. I'll post pictures on how it works soon!

Karen-- That might be fun to do, setting up a separate blog for tips and ideas on saving money and reusing things... I'm glad you like my writing and blog. I'm tickled that anyone reads this! :o)

Deaf Pixie-- I try to do things that I know are healthy for me and my family so I make the time to do things. You're right though about the TV, we don't usually watch it but other days the kids watch a lot of TV, especially when I am canning.

The husband and I have always preferred staying home even when we did have money. So not having money to go out doesn't change a thing for us. I can cook just about anything at the restuarants better, and I can have more control about how it is made:: less oil, drained grease, less salt, clean hands, etc..

a-- I have been wanting to use cloth diapers but have just not gotten around to it yet. I am washing and reusing the wipes already and I just have to take the next step and do cloth diapers. If the economy keeps going down, I will probably be making the change a lot sooner!

ls-- Thank you for the compliments! I like a simple lifestyle and I guess that trasnlates into my writing. I don't want to overcomplicate my life and if I can keep it simple, I will. I'm lucky enough to have a husband that thinks the same way I do, so it is much easier for me try things instead of butting heads with someone that doesn't agree with me. I certainly plan to continue to blog, as this is my outlet and my connection to like-minded people. I'm happy you like my blog and hope you keep coming back. :o)

Sparx said...

Jen - you know, there is a book in your blog, a book about all sorts of things - cooking, living off the land. You do brilliantly well, you know.