Thursday, October 2, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 10

Middle skinned her knees while playing outside today. She came running into the house in tears and after pointing out her knees, I put her up on the bathroom counter then went to the other bathroom for some ointment. When I came back, I caught her looking at herself in the mirror, trying out different crying faces. I had to go and get my camera!

Moms have more than one hat to wear, we also have to be nurses and tend to skinned knees, splinters in fingers, bumps on heads and ripped toe nails. I have to make judgement calls on what boo-boos deserve band-aids, or else my supply would be wiped out in no time. After washing out the dirt and blood, I decreed her knees to be fine and no band-aid would be needed.

See how happy she is now, after a magical "mommy-make-it-better-kiss"! This is the part that I love, seeing them smile with tears in their eyes and running off to play some more.

I had Oldest make cookies all by herself. She measured and mixed and after chilling the dough, all 3 girls helped roll the cookies and dip them in cinnamon and sugar before placing on the cookie sheet. She was very proud of the job she did and so was I. Yummy cookies!

After the girls went to bed tonight, I have been cleaning and putting things away... we are getting a visit from the CPS worker in the morning to wrap up the case (or at least that is what he told us on the phone). Now that I know when he is coming, I get a chance to spiff up the place a little bit. All the canning and working for the consignment shop leaves the house just a little bit neglected and things don't get put away like they usually do. Hopefully, his visit will be the last time we hear from CPS and the case will be closed. Wish us luck!


IndianaJones said...

Indy does the same thing with the faces in the funny.
Hope this morning went well and that it is all a distant memory at this point!
I'm totally enjoying your 30 days, glad you aren't getting locked out of picture posting:)

Unknown said...

I'm thinking about you today. Hope everything goes well for you today.

jenny said...

Summer-- I remember making faces in the mirror as a kid, too. I still do it!! LOL

I'm enjoying your 30 days of pictures, too!

Moxie-- Thanks for thinking of me, it's good to know I have support out there!