Thursday, July 31, 2008

Green Thrifty Thursday

A while back, Sparx posted about recycling/re-using her son's baby wipes. She would wash them after using them and gets at least a dozen uses out of them before throwing them away. At first, I just read it and moved on, but it stuck in my head. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it for myself.

Reading the fine print on the wipes packaging, did you know that most wipes are partially made of cotton and/or polyester? When I think about all the wipes we have gone through with 4 kids, that's a lot of cotton being used only once and then thrown away, piling up in the landfills.

I told the husband what I wanted to do, and he was all for it. So we took an old ice cream bucket and labeled it 'DIRTY WIPES' and started throwing used wipes in there. Really poopy wipes went into the trash, but the pee-pee wipes and lightly poopy wipes went into the bucket. It was filled up in about 2 weeks!

When it was full, I took the wipes and washed them with the laundry. I separated out the wipes from the clothes and then packed them in another clean ice cream bucket.

I added about 1 1/2 cups of water with a few drops of baby wash soap mixed in. After I got it as wet as I wanted, I labeled it 'CLEAN WIPES'.
I compared the washed wipes with a new wipe and they are still thick as ever, although a little bit furry from being washed. I can definitely see myself doing this permanently and getting more uses out of each wipe. This is good for me in several ways: I am helping to keep trash out of the landfill (reduce); I am buying less wipes and saving money (re-use); I am using the same wipes several times and using an old ice cream bucket (recycle).

Thanks, Sparx, for the great idea!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

At last...

...the tomatoes are ripening!! Eeeee!!! I'm so happy and my mouth is watering! My mind is going crazy with ideas on how I should eat this lovely tomato: In a sandwich? On a salad? Alone? Do I have to share it with Hubby???

I'm going to eat you my pretty, and your little friend, too! ah-hahahaha! (ok, poor wicked witch imitation, but that's what is going through my head!)

We have these lovely flowers growing outside our dining room window and it makes for a lovely view and a show of different butterflies and hummingbirds that come to feast on the nectar. I'm not sure what the name of these flowers are, but they come back on their own year after year. Anyway, this huge moth comes around a lot and looks a lot like a hummingbird so I've been calling it a 'hummingbird moth'. Lo and behold, after a little research, that's exactly what it is called! Actually, their proper name is Sphinx moths but the nickname is hummingbird moth. Turns out it is what those horrible hornworms turn into-- hummingbird moths! Ack!!
I've managed to get a pretty good picture of it in action-- they are constantly flying from flower to flower-- so here the wings look almost transparent. They are large moths, about 2 inches in length and kind of neat to watch. I've been keeping a constant watch on my tomatoes for hornworms and I haven't seen any.. so I'm hoping the moths came from someone else's garden, not mine. After last years' infestation and losing most of my tomatoes to the hornworms, I've been pretty protective of my tomatoes this year. I'm determined to preserve at least 24 quarts of tomatoes, if not more.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gardening Limbo

I feel like I am in limbo right now. My garden is in the 'in-between' stage; that time where everything is on the verge of ripening but nothing is ripe right now. The pears are growing nicely, but it'll be a few more weeks before they're ready. The blackberries are ripe and I'm picking them, but only about 2 cups worth at a time, so it takes a few days to get enough to do anything with them. The tomatoes-- oh the tomatoes! Hundreds of green ones, and finally, a single pink one on the verge of turning red. I'm hovering and watching and as soon as it is a nice, deep, red, I'm gonna pluck it and eat it! The green peppers are growing slowly, the corn is only 2 feet high, the potatoes are growing...

My hands are itchy to can and preserve stuff, but there's nothing to be done right now. Peach season is in full swing, but after checking my stores in the basement, I see that I still have plenty of canned peach halves and peach jam. I don't want to add more peach items if I still have a lot left from before. I just found a recipe that I tried last week that uses about 1/2 a cup of peach jam and it was SO good! It made 13 muffins and it barely lasted 24 hours. I'll be posting more about that the next time I make a batch. They got eaten up before I remembered to take a picture of them.

The tomatoes are looking like they will all ripen around the same time, so I'm gearing up for making salsa, tomato relish and sauces along with whole canned tomatoes.

I made the dumb decision not to plant any cucumbers because I wasn't going to make any pickles or relishes this year. I have several cases of both in the basement and I don't eat pickles and relish-- I made them for my husband and family. But now I am wishing I went ahead and planted at least 2 or 3 cukes, because I keep sending Hubby to the farm stand for cukes to put in the salads. I won't be making that mistake again!

I am looking forward to when the pears are ready. Last year, we had a late frost that killed all but 2 pears on the 2 trees we have. I was so disappointed! I have been eating the pear butter I made sparingly and have only 2 precious jars left of it. I am happy that the pear trees have plenty of pears this year and I hope to make at least 2 or 3 batches of pear butter. If I can keep the girls away from the pears and they don't eat them all up before I get to them!

For now, all I can do is get the jars washed and ready. Make sure I have everything needed to make this or that. Stock up on vinegar for the relishes, sugar and pectin for the jams, etc.. This is canning country and I have since learned to stock up on canning items. It isn't unusual to see the sugar shelves at the store empty and the spices needed to make pickles and relishes sold out. Sometimes I have to ask my mom to pick up certain canning spices I need, because where she is, in the city, almost no one cans, or at least not enough to sell out.

In the meantime, I am enjoying this 'in-between' time and using it to play with the kids, weed the gardens, nurse the baby and looking for new recipes. Speaking of recipes-- Do any of you have a good brownie recipe? We try to avoid buying the mixes at the store and prefer to make things from scratch, but none of the brownie recipes I've made have that nice flaky top that the mixes have. They are either cake-like or all come with frosting or toppings. I would like to find a plain and simple recipe that gives a flaky top. I'd really appreciate any recipes you can pass on to me!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Just when you think you have it rough, when you think you are down to your last dollar or you've eaten your last scrap of food, or you're feeling sorry for yourself and you're moanin' and groanin' about life, along comes someone who has it far worse than you, and still manages to smile and laugh and enjoy life.

I crossed paths with an old acquaintance today, someone I hadn't seen in over 10 years. A lovely girl who has fallen onto hard times and has found herself in the hands of bad luck more times than I can count. Abusive relationships, drugs, health woes and more health woes. She has cleaned up and straightened up her life, but the damage has been done. She faces permanent blindness in a few years and has already had her driver's license taken away which equates into her independence being taken away.

She is traveling now, taking in all the sights and faces of old friends before she cannot see them any more. She asked me if I could show her around the property, saying she likes the trees and nature. She asked me to describe the scent of pine, because she has no sense of smell. When the sun hit her face, she said she likes the feel of the sun, the warmth on her skin. She knows that's one thing she will still have after she loses her sight-- the warmth of the sun.

She cannot hear, and said the one thing she wishes, is to be able to hear the voices of her children. She is so proud of her kids and told me that they accept her the way she is, that they love her as she is. I know it will be hard for her to not be able to see their faces and only use her hands to know them.

She has learned to accept herself as she is, though she is self-conscious of her "flaws". Once you get to know her, those flaws fade into the background and all you see is her wonderful, bubbly personality. You can't help but like her and want to keep the conversation flowing.

My problems seem so small compared to hers. I have my family. We have our health. We own our home. We can see and smell and drive our cars. There is no abuse here. My childhood is not one of pain or suffering. I can hug and kiss my children good night, every night. I'm counting my blessings and saying my prayers. I am thankful and grateful for what I have and I know there are reasons beyond my understanding for what I dont have.

I wish her all the best in her life and I hope her health will improve. I hope that she can see the love she has given to her friends and family has multiplied tenfold and that she is a beautiful person, inside and out. I hope that she stays full of hope for herself and her life, always.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Growth Spurt, Right?

When I look at this picture...
I marvel at the size of my two babies. Before I came home with Baby, Youngest was my baby. She was my 'mini me' and she stuck to me like glue. Youngest followed me around the house, always wanted to " 'elp me" and wanted me to put her to bed or change her diaper. I would pick her up and swing her and kiss her and eat her up.

Then Baby came home and all of a sudden, Youngest turned into a big girl! Whoa! Did she grow 28 inches since I was in the hospital? Where did my little baby girl go? She gained 30 pounds since I was gone, didn't she? She got heavy all of a sudden and my aching back (which is still a little sore) can't pick her up and swing her like I used to. She had a growth spurt while I was gone, didn't she? I mean, I swear when I left, she was wearing size 2T/3T and now, the 2Ts seem awfully tight and 4Ts are looking perfect on her. She even sneaks into Middle's drawers and steals her clothing! Middle complains until I point out that she does the same thing to Oldest!

I look at that picture and my baby girl looks like a giant next to that tiny baby boy.

Funny how a little baby can change your perspective on things.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Magic

I have ventured out 3 times with the baby and the rest of the family to the stores. Every time we go out, I pop the baby out of the car seat, and nurse him under a blanket while we shop. And every time, I get stopped by a fellow shopper that has spied tiny baby feet peeking out from under the blanket.

I realize that newborns are a fascination with people. How long do those tiny baby feet stay so tiny? It won't be long before that tiny baby becomes a crawling, walking, running toddler. But I do wish that people would admire from afar. I don't know who you are and I really don't want strange people reaching out to touch my baby's feet or to try and pull the blanket off. I wrote about this happening before, with my other children.

Today, while in line to pay at the food store, the lady behind me asked me if she could touch his feet. Why? What would you get out of touching his feet? Do you really need to touch them? Can't you just look at them and keep your hands to yourself? I have never felt compelled to touch a strangers' kid. I might smile or wave if the kid is looking at me, but usually I keep my hands to myself. I wish people would do the same for my kids.

I think, as much as I want to go along, I'll be sending Hubby off to the stores and staying home with the kids. It is easier, and less stressful on all of us, to have one of us go alone than to bring the whole family to the store. When we go to the big, super Wal-mart, it is so big that by the time we get near to the end of the shopping, the girls have had enough. They are getting tired and we all know what happens to kids when they're tired-- they get cranky and go deaf. Then when the kids are cranky, the parents get cranky.

We were maybe 6 or 7 aisles away from the end of the shopping trip, and the girls were not listening very well anymore. They were running up and down the aisles and keeping an eye on 3 little ones while shopping is not very fun. Hubby gets cranky quicker than I do in the stores, so I am trying to rush things along and when I rush, I usually forget a thing (or 5) on my list. Right in the middle of this, an older lady spotted the baby on my shoulder and stepped in my path, stopped me and put her hand on his head and back. She started trying to guess how old he was and saying she knew these things about babies and blah blah blah. I'm not a rude person. I don't like confrontations. I'm trying to be polite and backing up, but there's a wall of food behind me so there's no where to go. Meanwhile, I have Hubby behind me who is getting worked up with the girls and this lady just doesn't get it. After I told her I had to go, we all rushed past and into the next aisle. Of course, I didn't get what was on my list in the previous aisle because of our rushing away.

Yes, I think I'll just stay home, away from the stores for awhile, at least until the baby is older and his tiny baby feet don't peek out from under a blanket and entrance strangers.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stitch Itch

I've had an itch to stitch lately, but with a baby that I need to nurse every so often and 3 little girls that also need my attention, it's hard to carve out some sewing time for me.

I finally stole some time today to work on the sewing machine on a quickie little project I've had awhile. Some time ago, I found some cute strawberry fabric with the elastic at the top, on clearance and I knew that it would make a great summer dress for the girls. I whipped these up in about 30 minutes (would have been quicker if I didn't keep getting interrupted with "Are you done yet, mama? Now are you done? Is it ready?") and the girls have been wearing them ever since.

I used some cute ribbon for the shoulder straps and oldest wanted her dress to be strapless, but she compromised and accepted straps that tie behind her neck, halter style.

I've got my sewing fix and the girls get dresses out of the deal. I'm happy, they're happy, we're all happy! Except baby, who started crying the last 10 minutes of my sewing and Hubby had to soothe and comfort him until I finished. Thanks Hubby! :o)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I really don't want to share the news about this great contest, because then there would be more people entering and my chances of winning get slimmer and slimmer, but on the other hand, by sharing the details, I increase my chances. What's a girl to do?

Over at the Old Red Barn Co, Dana is giving away a quilt that she made and loves so much she wants to wear it's letterman jacket and go to the homecoming dance with it. Me, too! It's such a lovely quilt made with beautiful fabrics with a hint of vintage to it and then backed with a vintage sheet. I can just see this on one of the girls' bed, that is, IF I win it and IF I can give it up and share it!

Click on the link above, or on the picture of the quilt in my sidebar and go see for yourself. But shhh!! Don't tell anyone! Pretty please? :o)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Gripe...

Don't you hate that? You find something new to love at the store and then when you go back to buy more, you find it is going to be discontinued! Augh!!

About a month ago, I was in the cereal aisle looking for a particular cereal. I spotted something new and thought, "Why not? It's healthy and good for you" and bought it. It is honey roasted whole oat clusters from that cereal Honey Bunches of Oats, but without the flakes, just the clusters. It got eaten up by all of us in one sitting! Right out of the box! Grandma, the girls, Hubby and I just devoured it! Makes a nice little snack when you add raisins and pecans to it and make your own trail mix.

Anyway, I bought another box the next time I went to the store and the same thing happened-- gone in a night! So last week, at the food store, I was poised to buy 2 boxes this time and what do I see? A tag on the price stating "discontinued item" with a reduced price. What?!? No!!! While I love the reduced price, I am so disappointed they won't be selling it anymore. Hubby went to the food store today and bought all they had left-- 7 boxes! That should last us a short while, until we make a trip to the big town and stop at the bigger stores over there.

With the higher gas prices, we have been consolidating our trips even more than we already have and only go until it's absolutely necessary. Last week was a baby appointment at the pediatrician's office, so we also went to the bank, Costco, lunch, Wal-mart... We have another appointment next week so that will be another multi-stop trip into big town.

I remember over 10 years ago, my sister used to use this french perfume and it was quite expensive but it was her scent-- it smelled so lovely on her. She could only find it at the big department stores. Then one day, they stopped selling it. She went around to all the other stores and found the same thing-- nothing. She finally found some at a perfume outlet and bought the 3 or 4 jars they had left. They have long since been used up and she has moved on to something else.

Do you have any favorite items (food or cosmetics or anything else) that have been discontinued? What did you do about it?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thrifty Tuesday

Having a 9-day old baby did not deter me from hitting the yard sales last Friday. We had to go to the food store anyway and we might as well stop at the sales along the way, eh?

One sale we stopped at had this lovely vintage Sunbeam stand mixer. Of course I snagged it when I saw the price was a mere $3! I can't decide if I am going to keep it or resell it on ebay. hmm...

The rest of the yard sales we stopped at were slim pickings, so after our grocery shopping, we took the back way home. Are we ever glad we did! These lovely old ladies were having a yard sale and were selling off their salt and pepper collections, old toys, vintage linens and all kinds of goodies. What caught my eye was a pair of two gooseneck rocking chairs. These chairs are in mint condition with the exception of the fabric design and the slight musty smell. I looked them over and underneath and they are in sturdy shape, no wobbly parts and obviously no cats to claw up the corners (something I know too well!). They were asking $15 each which is really a good price when I have seen them in thrift shops for $50 up and in much poorer condition. Hubby and I talked about the chairs, and then one of the old ladies offered both for $25. Augh! What a way to make it harder for us to resist! We caved in and bought them both and they are sitting in the sunroom until I get around to reupholstering them. I know just what fabric I am going to use, but I don't know if it is enough for both chairs and if it isn't, do I go ahead and use two different fabrics, or do I go and buy more fabric in a different material? Decisions, decisions!

In case you aren't familiar with what gooseneck chairs are-- see the arms? Carved gooseneck head and neck. Hubby's grandma had a chair just like this and he remembers sitting in there until Grandma shoos him out! They are comfortable!
Before I had the baby and I was in my nesting mode, I cleaned out the linen closet. I had all kinds of stuff in there that shouldn't have been in there and while sorting, I filled up this laundry basket with nothing but vintage sheets and blankets. Is there a 12-step program for vintage sheet addicts? I need to start doing something with these! I pulled out the holey and stained ones and those will go into the rag rugs, but the rest of these are in good condition. I have got to stop buying vintage sheets until I at least make a dent in this pile. Which incidentally, is only a small fraction of the sheets I have-- did I mention I also have 3 large rubbermaid bins full of vintage linens sitting right behind the basket? Hi, my name is Jenny...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

OW!! Ow ow ow!!

I knew it was coming. I tried to prepare myself for it, but it was no use. In another week, I am hoping I won't be going "Ow, ow, ow!"

What am I talking about? Breastfeeding, of course!

It was the same with the first three babies and I expected it with this one. The initial pain of the baby latching on for the first 5 -10 seconds and then it's over and no pain afterwards. After about 2 weeks, it no longer hurts when the baby latches on, it's just in the beginning, when the poor nipples are tender from repeated nursing.

I gotta tell ya, though, this baby can suck! I am actually cringing when I know he is about to latch on and I have to give my boobs a pep talk! "It's gonna be fine-- just a little pain for about 5 seconds and then it's all over. Another week and you nipples are going to be tough!"

I had a moment when I was sitting down, getting ready to nurse the baby, and I had the boob out. Hubby put the baby in my lap and he latched on before I was ready! Aughh!! Ow ow ow!!

Tender boobies are serious business! When the girls hurt, I get snappy! I walk softly so I don't jiggle 'em, too much, but I am a total sourpuss and I am ashamed to say, I take it out on the Hubby and the kids. They get the brunt of my snappiness.

I am happy to say, that now, the girls have toughened up and it's not quite so painful when he first latches on. Now it's about 2-5 seconds of "Ow!" and then I settle down and nurse to his heart's content. It's all worth it, to endure a little discomfort and tenderness to know that my child is getting his nourishment from me and that it will help him grow big and strong.

I breastfed Oldest until she was nearly 2, even after Middle came along when she was 18 months old. Middle nursed until she was about 18 months and Youngest was the shortest, at less than a year, because she wanted to drink what her big sisters were drinking. I tried to get her to nurse, but she would turn away from me and push the boobs away. I was heartbroken, but I did nurse her and she did thrive and grow big and strong. I plan to do the same for this baby, to breastfeed as long as I can, as long as he wants it.

There is something empowering about seeing your baby grow bigger and knowing it was all from your milk alone. To know that they are healthy and developing. I don't hold it against anyone that doesn't breastfeed and chooses to use formula instead. I was a formula fed child and I grew up just as strong and healthy as any other kid did. To each his own, and this is what I've chosen.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby Love

There's lots of baby love going on around here. No surprise there. We are all fighting for a chance to hold the baby-- the girls, Hubby and I. I'll pick him up from a nap and just want to stare at his face, memorize every feature, inhale that baby smell and feel the soft peach fuzz on his head, then Oldest taps me on the arm and asks if she can hold the baby. I don't want to give him up!

I will tell Oldest to sit on the couch and gently put him in her arms. I'll watch her watching him and she does the same thing I do, touch his tiny feet, kiss his head, put her fingers in his tight little fist. Then Middle has a turn and she holds him tenderly, not moving a muscle until I take him back. Youngest is next and she laughs at the sight of his little toes and you see her holding her foot next to his, comparing the sizes.

When it comes to changing diapers, I have an audience of 3 little girls. They watch me clean him and adjust his clothing and ask all sorts of questions about his "boy coochie" and how it is different from theirs. They see his umbilical cord shriveling and ask why it looks different from their belly buttons. They want to know why he sleeps so much and why they can't feed him from a bottle. They ask to see the milk come out of my nipples and if they can have some, too.

When I carry him in my arms, there is no end to the kisses on his head. I'll be holding him and cooking dinner when I feel a tap on the arm and I look to see Middle, or Youngest and they ask to kiss the baby. I lean down and they kiss him and return to whatever it was they were doing. Oldest is tall enough to kiss his head without asking me to lean over. They will run around the house and take a time-out to kiss his head, one by one, then run some more.

We were outside the other day, just playing and taking in the fresh air, when Middle comes up to where I am sitting, baby in my arms. She whispers in his ear, "I love you, cutie-pie" then kisses him and strokes his head. I just about melted. I worried about Youngest, she is such a mama's girl and I hoped she wouldn't be jealous of the baby. It was all for naught. She loves her baby brother and has happily shared her mama with him.

Nothing like baby love!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Birth Story

Tuesday afternoon, I had a check-up at the ob-gyn's office. There was supposed to be an internal exam to see if I dilated any more than 3cm. What happened that day was nothing I could have ever imagined. The doctor inserted her hand inside me and proceeded to cause me all kinds of pain and I thought to myself that it shouldn't hurt this much to find out what the dilation is. Then the doctor pulls her hand out and said, "Your water broke. I wonder how that happened." It suddenly dawned on me what the doctor was doing inside my cervix-- she was trying to break my water and succeeded. To say I was upset is an understatement. I asked how far I was dilated and she said 4cm. We now had to go to the hospital.

I wanted to have a natural birth, which includes my water breaking naturally and no inducement or pictocin or any other aids. I had planned to tell the doctor that afternoon, after finding out if I had dilated any more that I didn't want to be induced at the end of the week if I still had not gone into labor. I had wanted to let my body and my baby tell me when it was ready. But the doctor did not give me that choice. The doctor never asked me if I wanted her to break my water.

On the short 5 minute drive to the hospital from the doctor's office, I was crying and angry. I wasn't even having contractions and because my water was now broke, I knew that the labor was going to be painful and intense and I questioned my ability to handle the pain without an epidural. Thank God that my Aunt and Uncle were at home with the kids, but dammit, I didn't want it to happen this way!

We were escorted to the maternity floor and they were waiting for us, and when the nurse asked how I was feeling, I burst into tears and told her the doctor broke my water without asking me first. She sympathized with me, but she also had a job to do, which was to help me have a baby. The doctor sent over orders for me to be put on an IV drip and pictocin. I declined both. I said I would walk the halls instead, to encourage labor.

Hubby and I were worried about the kids. My Aunt and Uncle are both deaf and they cannot answer the phone if we call. Living in the mountains means their pagers do not work either. We had to let them know that we weren't coming back and instead were staying at the hospital. So Hubby left to drive the 30 minutes home, explain what was going on, leave instructions for dinner and bedtime and then come back to me. I told the nurse I was going to sit quietly on the bed and be still, so nothing happens until he gets back. He came back about an hour and a half later and then the doctor showed up, mad that I refused the pictocin. She told me that I needed to be on it so I could get labor started and that the longer my water was broke the more chances there are for baby to get an infection. Well, I wouldn't be in this situation if she didn't break my water!

I agreed to the IV, knowing I needed to be hydrated and not knowing how long the labor would take. We walked the halls, returning to the room every half hour to be checked. By 9 I was still at 4 cm. Contractions were starting, but they were weak and far apart. In my head, I was trying to look at the bright side of things, telling myself that at the end of all this, I would have a baby in my arms, but it was hard to ignore the fact that I was at the hospital because of the doctor and not because of it happening naturally.

Around 11pm, we were still walking the halls, but now I had to stop every so often to breathe through contractions. They were getting more painful and lasting longer and happening more frequently. When I couldn't take walking any more, we headed back to the room. I asked the nurse to check me and finally there was change! I was now at 6cm. I lose track of time at this point, but it was after 11:30, because I remember seeing Jay Leno on the TV. Contractions were getting intense and all I could think of was how much less painful this would be if my water wasn't broken. I was on my side, gripping the bed rails through each contraction, trying to stay calm and breathe through them, when I felt the need to push. I told Hubby to get the nurse and she checked me and in less than 5 minutes I went from 6 to 8cm. She left to call the doctor.

When the nurse came back, she had another nurse with her and they started to get things ready. I had to push. Oh! Did I have to push! I was still on my side when she opened my legs and checked me and I was fully dilated and ready to go. I felt the baby's head coming down and she told me that she wasn't going to stop me and if I had to push, go ahead. I went ahead and pushed. I think I pushed 4 or 5 times and felt the head coming out, then when I opened my eyes, I saw the doctor rush into the room. I closed my eyes and pushed again and the baby came out, along with a gush of liquid and I felt so much better. When I opened my eyes again, the doctor had grabbed my baby and was working on the umbilical cord.

It all happened so fast, they didn't even have time to take off the bottom of the bed, or hold my feet up, turn on the light or anything. The nurse pretty much delivered the baby, but the doctor got the glory. While cleaning me up, the doctor pulled over the tray with the needle and scalpel and other instruments and started to get ready to sew me up. I told her no. I didn't want her to touch me, afraid that she'd botch up the sewing, and cause me problems later on. She looked at me like I was crazy-- "You don't want me to sew you up? You're bleeding. No, it's not a bad rip. You won't feel anything, I'll numb you up. You don't want me to sew it up? O-kayyy." And she pushed away the tray, took off her gloves and said, "I'll see you in the morning." and walked out of the room.

After they cleaned up the baby, they put him in my arms and everything that happened earlier, melted away. The nurse told me that it was the first time I smiled all night, after they put him in my arms. There was no falling in love, it was instant love. To see my son, to hold him in my arms, to kiss him and be thankful that he came out alright and that my husband was by my side. Everything was alright.

The first feeding, minutes after the birth

All night long, every 2 to 3 hours, nurses would come in to check me and the baby-- temperature, blood pressure, check the belly to be sure the uterus is contracting back down to size. They kept asking me if I wanted any medicine for the pain, or stool softeners to help me poop. I needed to pee twice in front of them before they would take out the IV. How I wished I was at home, sleeping in peace. How funny it was to see on their faces, their surprise when I said I was fine; no, I was not in any pain; no, I do not need stool softener, I already pooped-- go see in the toilet; look, I peed twice, please take out the IV now. While all the nurses were nice and friendly, I just wanted to go home, to be with my family, to have the big sisters see their new baby brother.

Me and my babies after arriving home Thursday afternoon!

Now that baby and I are home, it has been wonderful. I'm happy and content and the girls are absolutely loving their baby brother. Hubby and I are on cloud nine and couldn't be more happier of our children. Thank you to every one that left a comment, congratulating us on our new arrival.

The proud big sisters and their new baby brother!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Our Little Man!

We are happy to say that the newest member of our growing family arrived on July 2 at 12:41 am, weighing 7 lbs, 5 oz. Baby and I came home Thursday afternoon and we are busy with family, friends, phone calls and 3 big sisters constantly asking, "Can I hold him? When is it my turn to hold him? I want to hold him next!"

I am going to take a few days off to bond with the baby and for all of us to get used to a new routine with a new baby in the family. I'll return with updated photos and the birth story.

Have a Happy Fourth of July and hope you all enjoy the weekend.