Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Gripe...

Don't you hate that? You find something new to love at the store and then when you go back to buy more, you find it is going to be discontinued! Augh!!

About a month ago, I was in the cereal aisle looking for a particular cereal. I spotted something new and thought, "Why not? It's healthy and good for you" and bought it. It is honey roasted whole oat clusters from that cereal Honey Bunches of Oats, but without the flakes, just the clusters. It got eaten up by all of us in one sitting! Right out of the box! Grandma, the girls, Hubby and I just devoured it! Makes a nice little snack when you add raisins and pecans to it and make your own trail mix.

Anyway, I bought another box the next time I went to the store and the same thing happened-- gone in a night! So last week, at the food store, I was poised to buy 2 boxes this time and what do I see? A tag on the price stating "discontinued item" with a reduced price. What?!? No!!! While I love the reduced price, I am so disappointed they won't be selling it anymore. Hubby went to the food store today and bought all they had left-- 7 boxes! That should last us a short while, until we make a trip to the big town and stop at the bigger stores over there.

With the higher gas prices, we have been consolidating our trips even more than we already have and only go until it's absolutely necessary. Last week was a baby appointment at the pediatrician's office, so we also went to the bank, Costco, lunch, Wal-mart... We have another appointment next week so that will be another multi-stop trip into big town.

I remember over 10 years ago, my sister used to use this french perfume and it was quite expensive but it was her scent-- it smelled so lovely on her. She could only find it at the big department stores. Then one day, they stopped selling it. She went around to all the other stores and found the same thing-- nothing. She finally found some at a perfume outlet and bought the 3 or 4 jars they had left. They have long since been used up and she has moved on to something else.

Do you have any favorite items (food or cosmetics or anything else) that have been discontinued? What did you do about it?


Lisa C. said...

Kellogg's Berry Krispies had been one of my favorites. I kept buying 1-2 boxes each time I went to the store. Now they have been discontinueed and I was disappointed.

jenny said...

Lisa c-- I don't remember Berry Krispies.. when did that come out?

Lisa C. said...

They came out about two years ago and then discontinued last Fall.

Wendy said...

Happens all of the time to us - we find something we love, just to find out they're not going to make it anymore. Bummer!

What do we do?


Gnash our teeth.

Kick dirt.

And, then, we just find something else ... or learn to make it ourselves - usually we just find something else, though :).

Lantana said...

I know for fact that many stores buy up items that are already discontinued and sell them in their stores until the stamped date will not allow them to sell it anymore. I know a guy who owns a "$1.00" store and he buys many items OVERSEAS where no time stamp is required. He and his brother have warehouses full of this stuff and he is the one who told my husband the truth. Be sure and check the timestamps and if there isn't one, put it back on the shelf!


jenny said...

Wendy-- LOL! I like your answer! That's what I usually do, too.

Lantana-- I've heard about that.. I'm pretty diligent about checking expiration dates. I get that from my mom, always seeing her checking things over, making sure there's no hole or rip or dent and looking at the date on the box, etc..
I don't usually buy food from the dollar store but if I do, I check the date.

Sparx said...

That happened to me too - Byblos perfume, they stopped making it. First they stopped selling it in the UK so I'd buy it in Canada, then they stopped there too. Mum found a haul and bought it up for me but it's all gone now too and I've never found another scent I like... ah me.

jenny said...

Sparx-- I haven't worn perfume since I got pregnant with Oldest. I have always been a little sensitive to scents and have to "test-drive" perfume before I buy it. If I start to get a little scratchy in my throat, I have to hurry and wash it off or it will turn into a full-blown sore throat/cough/cold that takes forever to get over. It took me a long time to find a scent I liked that liked me back. But after getting pregnant, take that sensitivity and multiply it by 100 and I can't even use MY old perfume any more. So I don't bother. good ol' soap and shampoo is all I use now.