Thursday, July 24, 2008

Growth Spurt, Right?

When I look at this picture...
I marvel at the size of my two babies. Before I came home with Baby, Youngest was my baby. She was my 'mini me' and she stuck to me like glue. Youngest followed me around the house, always wanted to " 'elp me" and wanted me to put her to bed or change her diaper. I would pick her up and swing her and kiss her and eat her up.

Then Baby came home and all of a sudden, Youngest turned into a big girl! Whoa! Did she grow 28 inches since I was in the hospital? Where did my little baby girl go? She gained 30 pounds since I was gone, didn't she? She got heavy all of a sudden and my aching back (which is still a little sore) can't pick her up and swing her like I used to. She had a growth spurt while I was gone, didn't she? I mean, I swear when I left, she was wearing size 2T/3T and now, the 2Ts seem awfully tight and 4Ts are looking perfect on her. She even sneaks into Middle's drawers and steals her clothing! Middle complains until I point out that she does the same thing to Oldest!

I look at that picture and my baby girl looks like a giant next to that tiny baby boy.

Funny how a little baby can change your perspective on things.


Sparx said...

Oh my, do they really get that big? Do they? Is it true? I swear my little one hasn't changed at all... mind you he's growing out of 2Ts as well at the moment so perhaps I lie! Great pic, but are they on a blanket or is he about to roll off the bed?!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

What a gorgeous photo. More please.

Carolyn said...

Just stopped by for a visit and wanted to say Hi and nice Blog!


LaRonda said...

Sweet, sweet post and very sweet picture. Yes, sometimes a change in perspective brings "ah-ha" moments. She is a big girl now. I'm wondering what you will call her now in your posts. She has always been "youngest." And now?

~ LaRonda

jenny said...

Sparx-- I still can't get over how tiny the baby is compared to Youngest. And don't worry, that is just a little padded bed I made that the girls have "stolen" to use for watching tv. It is as thick as a comforter.

Dj-- they're coming!! :o)

Carolyn-- Welcome!! And thanks!! Hope you'll come around again!]

Laronda-- I am thinking about that... I can't call her Youngest anymore, can I? Hmm... I'll come up with something soon. Any suggestions?