Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've been lost in my little world,
drowning in a sea of apple peels,
and surrounded by little (not so green) men.

Since I last posted, I have made and canned 25 pints of various jams
and made 27 quarts of applesauce.

I also just turned thirty-six.

Mom was here for a few days, she called in sick to play hooky with us.
She puzzled over puzzles with the kids, while I busily worked in the kitchen.
We took her to the halfway point to meet Uncle who then took her back to their house.
We hit the thrift shops and came home,
only to discover that she forgot her car keys and my dear, sweet Husband
drove 2 1/2 hours, one way, at 8 o'clock at night, to drop her keys off at her work
and did not come back home until after 1 am.
Thanks Honey!

My son, my Baby, is making up for being the bestest, sweetest baby ever!
He is getting into EVERYTHING!
Nothing is safe.
He has broken several dishes and glasses;
ripped countless pages of magazines, books and newspapers;
dumped the dogs' water bowl too many times to count;
climbs furniture only to get himself stuck at the top;
wreaks havoc in my pantry if I happen to leave the door open;
and loves splashing in the toilet water.
His redeeming feature?
He's so dang cute while doing it!

It's a good life here, in my little world.
I don't mind getting lost,
as long as I am surrounded by the ones I love.


Karen Mayes said...

I LOVE it!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

WHEW!! I'm breathing hard just thinking about all that! That's a LOT of done up fruit!

0KAY and the baby story scares the crap out of me - how long do I have (after she's born) till she can crawl????? Yikes, for real!

AND! Your husband is krazy-kool for taking a 5 hour trip for those keys!!

LS said...

The world is your oyster every day!

jenny said...

Karen-- Me too!! :o)

Lindy-- LOL! I made 52 quarts of applesauce last year and ran out in the Spring, so I hope to do up at least 75. My original goal was 100, but Baby isn't eating exclusively babyfood anymore, so I think 75 would be fine.

Isn't Hubby a sweetie?? He didn't mind, he got to see old co-workers at the same time and shocked everybody when they found out we have 4 kids now! LOL

It's not the same for all babies, but usually about 6 months or so they start getting mobile, scooting and crawling... All my babies started walking about 9-10 months, but Baby #4 here is the worst with getting into stuff!! I don't remember the other 3 being that mischevious or climbing like he does. I guess it's a boy thing??? I'm about ready to tape everything down with the duct tape!! LOL

LS-- I couldn't have said it better! :o)

Carol said...

This reminds me of a quote I love

'I live in my own world. But that's ok...they know me there' :-)

C x

lady macleod said...

Fine, I need a nap now. WEll done husband! Don't we love them for things like that? Wonderful photographs. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

jenny said...

Carol-- Yes, that fits me to a T!! :o)

Lady M-- Husbands DO come in handy, don't they?! :o) And Thank you for the birthday wishes! :o)

DJ Kirkby said...

Awwww what a sweet post.