Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here We Go Again!

It's that time of year again, to stockpile wood for the coming winter months. It has gotten chilly here already. It seems like as soon as September got here-- poof! Chilly days and nights! We had cut down trees here and there, then cut the logs and left them to age until they were dry. We spent yesterday and today gathering, splitting and stacking them.

Cutting logs down to size.

A growing pile of split wood. This is only a small percentage of how much wood we will need for the winter. Last year we used approximately 8 stacks this size. We still have a long way to go before we have enough for this winter.

When the power company came through last year, to install a new power line to the property adjacent to us, they had to cut down trees on our side for the new line. We asked them to leave the cut trees and they did. We were over on the far edges of our land today, gathering the logs. There are a lot of trees cut there, and I hope that there will be enough for the season.

Archie the cat, lounging in the shade, keeping an eye on our noisy work with the chainsaw and log splitter.


I Am Very Mary said...

So guess what? I AM TOTALLY LEARNING ASL! eeek!

Carol said...

We had the heating on last night for the first time!! It's chilly here too!! We'll need to get stock piling our logs too...

Awww, your wee moggy is gorgeous!!

C x

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Ooo lawwdy a man with a chainsaw, bestow my heart!! I love that smell, chainsaw gas and oil and fresh cut wood MMmmmmm Jenny you bring out the country girl in me all the way down here. :) I remember gathering wood with my parents all summer and fall when I was a girl. They'd let me haul branches and sticks for kindling, I'll bet your girls do the same :)

Lantana said...

Yes, I have used my heat a few times first thing in the morning already. Do you subscribe to the magazine "Country Woman"? A very colorful magazine, with lots of great recipes and down-home charm! I think you would like it!

jenny said...

Mary-- Very Cool! :o)

Carol-- Moggy means cat? I learned something new!! :o) Don't need the heat just yet, but getting there!

Lindy-- I love the smell of fresh cut wwood! There is one kind, I think sarsparilla wood that just smells great! Husband and I are both sniffing it and if we were sniffing any harder, it would get inhaled! LOL

Lantana-- My Mom in Law subscribes to it and gives me the issues when she's gone with it. I enjoy reading them. I can relate to a lot of the articles.

DJ Kirkby said...

This post brought back memories. man that is hard work but just the best feeling ever when the logs are all split and stacked. Archie is gorgeous.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sasafrass? MMmm we used to chew on the sticks from the little baby sasafrass growing. You can make tea from it too ! :)