Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chicken News

I cooked up one our chickens yesterday. When the girls saw me take the chicken out of the freezer, there were all kinds of comments from them:
"Is that Buster?"
"Are we going to cook him for dinner?"
"I'm not going to eat him!"
"Make chicken nuggets!"

Youngest didn't want to eat any chicken, so I didn't force her to try any.
Middle took a bite of the drumstick and then passed it to Oldest, who ate both drums.
Middle wanted ketchup with her breast meat.
It was good, I think I could have seasoned it a little bit more.
I took the bones and thighs that no one ate and made chicken broth.
The girls kept asking me what I was cooking because it was smelling so good!
I got 2 quarts of broth from this and already used part of it for dinner tonight.
Eggs!! (#4-10)
The Hens have been busy girls lately! So far we have collected 10 eggs, 3 alone this morning! The Buffs must be laying in the coop after all, since there are only 2 Speckled Sussex hens and from what I understand, they only lay one egg a day.

One of the Buff Orpington hens.
They really are pretty birds.

Speckled Sussex hen.
This breed is very friendly and the girls are always holding them and petting them.
I would get Speckled Sussex again, and the roosters are handsome fellows.

Rhode Island Red rooster.
Look at that impressive comb!

I think I should have named this one 'Mr. T.'

The boys have settled down, and they aren't so aggressive towards the hens anymore.
It was getting a little rough, and some of the hens would have bloody combs where the roosters grabbed them with their beaks to mount them.
Either the hens have accepted them, or the roosters have calmed down, or both, because now they stay together in a group, with only a few breaking off occasionally.
It's fun having the chickens around and watching their antics and listening to their clucking and crowing. I'm glad I can hear enough to hear them.

Chickens are really easy to care for, and if you can, I suggest you try to get some of your own backyard chickens.


DJ Kirkby said...

I would love to get some of our own but we don't have the space here.

Carol said...

Awww, I can understand why youngest didn't want to eat the chicken...but I still think it's good for her to learn where her food comes from and I'm sure she'll get over her squeamishness!!

I would love to have chickens...maybe if we ever get round to owning our own house!!

C x

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

I'll bet your girls will come around to eating the chickens real quick. It's just something you get used to - Go Oldest! :)

And hey! A Rhode Island Red Rooster! :) That reminds me of home :) I think (?) the R.I.R. Hens lay green eggs don't they? It seems like that's the ones my mom has - love em!

Keri said...

we are definitely planning to get chicks next spring! just need to check with our town to make sure it's allowed, build a coop and then we are all set! can't wait! =)

Wendy said...

We harvested rabbits this weekend, and my girls had a similar reaction. They knew what it was, and my littlest didn't eat hers, but she says it was because she didn't like the recipe I used. I didn't argue.

@Gringa - Rhode Island Red chickens lay brown eggs, but the Araucuna or Ameraucana chickens lay green and blue eggs. It's pretty neat to have a carton of eggs that all all different colors.

jenny said...

Dj-- you still ought to be proud of your little backyard-- you planted so much in such a small amount of space! :o)

Carol-- I think in time, they will all eat our chicken when I cook it, but for now, I won't force the issue. I think I would feel the same. I didn't say, but I was just a little hesitant myself until after the first bite! :o)

Gringa-- I agree.. they just have to get used to it. It's still a new thing for them, but they have no problems eating the eggs!! lol

As Wendy said, RIR lay brown eggs. I got all brown layers, and I would like to try other breeds later on that will give me green and blue eggs.

Keri-- Oh you will have such fun with the chickens if you can get them! Some towns only allow hens because of the roosters' crowing, so do check into that. Also, look into breeds that are winter hardy, since you live up north. The breeds I have can take the cold weather well.

Wendy-- When my dad was here, I asked him about the animals they has and he told me about their rabbits. With 11 kids in the family, they ate lots of rabbits and they all had chores to help out. He was telling me how they skinned the rabbits and it's easiest when you have 2 people pulling the skin off. It was interesting to hear him tell it, I never asked him about that part of his life before.

I've never eaten rabbit before.. does it taste like chicken? LOL!!