Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Color Week:: Saturday

I'm sorry to see Fall Color Week come to an end. It's been nice to post simply and I steal away a bit of time at night to post these photos before I go to sleep. I may look for an excuse to do another color week, maybe one of my own choosing. Hm.

Here's my extra credit color for this week-- Cornflower Blue:

I take those color interpretations pretty literally, don't I?
For as long as I can remember, my favorite all time crayon color was Cornflower Blue. Not quite purple, not quite blue; hard to imitate by blending other colors.
Sigh... such a pretty color.
In the summer, the roads here are lined with cornflowers and I always meant to stop and take a photo, but there was always a reason not to-- traffic, whiny kids, in a hurry...
Next summer, I shall make an extra special effort to stop and smell the cornflowers!
Or at least, take a photo of them.


Carol said...

There is something special about cornflower's quite a magical colour isn't it!!

Great photo...and next summer please do stop and take a photo as I would love to see them :-)

C x

jenny said...

Carol-- It IS a magical color! And I will most def take pictures next year. There is a lovely stretch of country road that has cornflowers on both sides for miles. So lovely! I often wonder how many people zoom by never seeing the flowers.

DJ Kirkby said...

Gorgeous, I love conrflowers. We had a few in our garden this year and hopefully lots more next year. I've tagged you. x

Sissy said...

I too have this blooming profusely and love it. This year I began seeing blooms very early and still blooming today - early October.

There is Luzianne brand coffee that uses this plant (chicory). Chicory is a substitute for coffee and has many other uses also. Much information and pictures can be found about this very valuable plant ie. wikipedia and elsewhere.

I am really enjoying your blog and learning from it. The tiny pants idea turned out great. Congratulations to you and your inventiveness.