Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Color Week:: Wednesday

My entries for today's color-- Goldenrod:

Lucy the cat trying to sneak by the dog undetected, but I see you!

Can't miss that yellow shopping cart!

Look! Actual Goldenrod!
Is that cheating?

If using a photo of an actual goldenrod is cheating, then here's another option:

My tomato plants getting ready to peter out.
It's a pretty yellow, but not on my tomato plants!!


Lantana said...

There is nothing so sad looking as a Fall tomato plant! But the fruit is still good, and Oh! those lucious green tomatoes! What is yur recipe for fried green tomatoes??

Carol said...

I didn't even know Goldenrod was a plant!!

I love the photo of the cat trying to sneak past the dog :-)

C x

Freckled Hen said...

The yellowing tomato plants always make me sigh. After growing in the hot summer sun it's hard to see them yellow and droopy with cooler temps.

Teeeeeena said...

Ha Ha.. the kiddie cart! Love it!

jenny said...

Lantana-- Oh I know... I'm so sad to see the tomatoes come to an end. It's still a little warm here, so I hope to eke out a few more tomatoes. I must admit, I'm not a big fan of green tomatoes. I did see a recipe for green tomato salsa that I'd like to try..

Carol-- You learn something new everyday don't ya?! :o) We have goldenrod all over the place here.

Freckled Hen-- Me, too. I didn't get a whole lot of tomatoes this year, too.. they are just now starting to ripen heavy, so I hope for a couple more weeks of fresh tomatoes. It was pretty warm today, so hope that chases the chill away for a little while. :o)

Teena-- :o) xoxox

DJ Kirkby said...

Why doesn't the cat just give the dog a slap? The actual golenrod is the best picture. We had real trouble getting our tomatoes to ripen this year and have just stripped the plants of the rest of the green tomatoes for chutney. The tomato plants are now living on the compost heap!

jenny said...

Dj-- LOL! You think she would slap the dog! She just hunkers down and takes it from the dog. Archie on the other hand, does not take that kind of crap from the dog and slaps with claws out! I have had to unhook claws from the side of Maisie's face! Ouch!

Oh your poor tomatoes... I just picked 9 lovely ripe ones yesterday and I can see loads more of green ones. I hope they get a chance to ripen before it gets cold.

Juniper said...

Nice photo, truth be told I didn't know what goldenrod looked like, looks quite pretty in your picture. Like the faded tomato leaves as well, sure sign of the end of the season. Love your handsome rooster!