Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Color Week:: Friday

My entries for Friday's color-- Plum:

Well, how 'bout that?
Actual plums!
They make a very tasty jam, by the way.

And these things...whatever they are.
The birds don't seem to eat them, I tasted one and ptooey! Tasted like yuck!
But they are interesting looking.
Love that dark plum with the bright pink stems and chartreuse leaves.
We have these all over the property.
Don't forget, tomorrow is an extra credit color day--
Cornflower Blue!


Carol said...

Ooohh those plums look good!! I have a wonderful recipe for love home made meringues smothered in vanilla cream that has plums on the top which have been grilled with a little honey over the top of them....yum :-)

C x

sheila said...

Pokeberries. They are toxic to mammals. Don't eat them.

jenny said...

Carol-- yum! that sounds delicious! When can I come up for dessert?

Sheila-- Thank you!! I've heard of that name before, nice to have a plant to go with it now! :o)

Bluemeya said...

oh my! I have to admit this week was first time you entered your blogs in time for my morning coffee..EVERYDAY!! I enjoyed the color series! So much fun! Such beautiful colors in nature!
Miss ya and hope to see you soon!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sheila's right those are poisin.

BUT!! They make beautiful color when all smashed up - I always wanted to dye something with them. In fact I MIGHT have taken a couple pounds of them once, smashed them all up, and rubbed them all over a white chicken (I grew up an only child I was bored and creative) :P and made myself a purple chicken. It would have been great but the chicken didn't understand and was scared shitless of OWN BODY and ran around like a crazy bird till it gave up sanity and put it's head in a gofer hole so it couldn't see itself.

I figured I better wash it off at that point and then it was fine!

Story over.


jenny said...

Bluemeya-- Well hey! It's nice to know you're still reading, even if you're not posting as much. I understand, things are busy. Hope all is well with you and the fam. Miss you bunches and hope to see ya soon! Love ya xoxo

Gringa-- I bet chicken was purty though!! :o) LOL Thanks for the laugh!! I'll make sure to keep an eye on my own kids and if they start mashing them, I'll know what to expect!

Coco, not as in Chanel :) said...

Polk berries--poisonous--stay away!

Mark M.....s said...

Pokeweed (other names: Poke, Poke Root, Pokeberry, Inkberry, Yoshu-Yama-Gogo, Skoke and many other names)
Those berries are toxic when missused. Can cause intense vomit and diahrea.

Geez, you were brave to tasted one. I used to played with those berries as a kid but it's like dealing with ink on your hands, arms and face.

I love reading your blog.

- Mark

Sissy said...

I see someone has already alerted you to the fact that Pokeberries are poisonous - birds don't touch them - a good clue. Last year I made myself a bottle of ink with them - adding 70% alcohol to preserve it. One year I was testing and dyed a piece of material - glorious red shade. Unfortunately, Didn't know what to use as a mordant and all color washed out.

Each year early I pick poke "sallet" - tender leaves, mix it with scrambled eggs. Poke is wild spinach. Helps clean the intestinal tract, I declare! Many around here work like beavers getting it in the spring and canning it for "come winter".

Sissy said...

Been eating poke greens since I can remember and still here at 68 yr. The bigger the leaves, the bitter they are. But as said berry is poison and so also the root.