Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Color Week:: Tuesday

Here's my entries for Burnt Sienna:

The Handsome Rocky the Rhode Island Red Rooster.
(There had to be a chicken involved with this photo series!)

The rusty tin roof of the pole barn,
of which I had to climb a rickety ladder to get a photo of!
Check out Elsie Marley for a list of participants!


Carol said...

That is a mighty fine Rooster and I love love love your rusty tin roof!! The colours on that are just beautiful!!

C x

Teeeeeena said...


lady macleod said...

The rooster is very impressive, but what (ask the city girl) is a "pole barn"?

Stephanie said...

love the roof, too! way to go after a good photo. :)

jenny said...

Carol-- Thanks!! I like looking at it too, from the ground, usually! :o)

Teena- :o) xoxo

Lady M-- Around these parts, a pole barn is a large open shed where the poles that hold up the building are exposed. Our pole barn is the size of a largish 2-car garage, and we currently use it for our wood stacks and canoe and other stuff.

Stephanie-- Thanks!! I do what I can to please my readers! LOL!