Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Color Week:: Thursday

This color week is going by too fast! I'm rather enjoying this, posting simply and with a few pictures that speak for me. Anyway, my entry for today's color-- Chestnut Brown::

This chest(nut) of drawers.

I bought this at a yard sale the first year we lived here, 4 years ago.

I meant to sand it down and re-finish it and bring it back to it's former glory,

but then baby #3 came along, and paint fumes don't mix with pregnancy.

Just when I started thinking about it again, baby #4 made his appearance.

Baby needs his own chest of drawers, as his clothes are in a pile on a shelf in my room.

So I dragged the poor, neglected drawers out of the basement,

and I am preparing to start work on it.

Before it gets too cold.
I mean it!
Honest, I do!

Love this dark brown color on the Speckled Sussex hen.

Of the six I started with, I only have 2 left.

I think the girls named this one Freckles.

Henry, my beloved Speckled Sussex rooster, the day before he disappeared.

Since he's been gone, I've learnt not to get too attached to my chickens.


Tomorrow- Plum

And for extra credit, I'm going to post an extra color on Saturday:: Cornflower Blue

Who's with me?


DJ Kirkby said...

This looks like fun. Sorry I'm late. I wont post as I want to stick to my 3 times per week posting but I'll be commenting on the photos on whichever blogs I find them on. Love that chest of drawers. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Carol said...

Me me me....I'm with you :-)

When we bought out dining table and chairs I said that I was going to French Polish the table to bring it back to it's former glory...and I was going to do it before the cats came home. (*snort* like that was actually going to happen!!!). I will probably never get round to it!!

Love the picture of your Speckled hen!! (Would you mind if I had a go at doing a wee painting of it? It probably won't be soon but I would love to have a go)

C x

Jess said...

I am so with you on the cornflower blue! I was thinking this week could use some blue!
Happy Color Week!

jenny said...

Dj-- I'm already getting itchy to start work on the drawers. Whoever had it before me, used half of a spool for knobs on the bottom drawer! I need to get a close-up pic of that before I start work on it.

Carol-- Yay on the extra color! :o)

I have a few projects that I actually finished, but those were all pre-kids. I have yet to finish one with the kids around! *sigh* Maybe now that they are getting older...

By all means, have a go at painting my hen. Do you need a better picture?

Jess- Alright! I'll be popping by to see your extra credit! :o)

fede said...

hey I love your story about the drawers.... I had an old Oak dresser that I bought from a garage sale before my kids were born. Same thing.... it sat waiting patiently for many years until it finally moved into new hands - hands that were not juggling little people :)
Good luck!
PS. I'm up for the cornflower blue too

jenny said...

Fede-- I just unloaded an old couch that I meant to re-do. We put it out on the driveway with a 'FREE' sign and it was gone in a couple of hours. Sad to see it go, happy to have the space back! :o)

I'll pop over for the colour week extra credit! :o)

Sissy said...

Oh, what a beautiful chicken. I wish for chickens but SO do the neighborhood dogs. One year I lost 12 of 20 to a neighbors dog. When I asked him to tie his dog, he drunkenly demanded that I need to tie my chickens up! Ha, can't you just see that?