Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Husband and Youngest helped me pick the last of the wild grapes today. I previously picked some, but I couldn't reach the higher-up ones without some help. The ground where the grapes are at slopes down and it makes for an awkward time with the ladder. Husband came up with the idea of backing the truck up to it and putting the ladder in the back of the truck bed. *!!!* What a good idea! I was then able to nearly get all of the high-up grapes and then used the truck itself for a platform for the other areas where I just needed a little bit of help.

The wild grapes were plentiful this year, I assume because of all the nice rain we had and the birds and animals had plenty of other food to munch on. I had been keeping my eye on the grapes, waiting and watching for them to ripen. I want to try making grape juice this year, since I still have plenty of grape jelly from last year's harvest.

Youngest and I set up grape headquarters outside on the bench and got to work plucking grapes off the stems. Youngest is always following me and helping me in whatever I do. She's my little helper.

Things were going well, until a bee flew by and landed on her shoulder. I was about to tell her not to move, when she jumped, and then the bee stung her. Poor girl, I know how she feels. She took it much better than I did when I got stung by a wasp back in July. After soothing her and giving her some meds, we moved the grape operations indoors.

After cooking the grapes and straining the juice from the pulp, I found that I don't quite have enough for the recipe I have for grape juice. I'll have to play with it for a little bit, halving the recipe and then tweaking and tasting until I have it right. I have plenty for making more jelly, but I really don't want to make more jelly at this point, I have enough kinds of jams and jelly in the basement to last for a long while. Wild grapes are very tart, and it would take a lot of sugar, so maybe I'll blend it with apple juice to stretch it out a bit and also to sweeten it naturally, using less sugar that way.

Next year, I would like to try growing conventional grapes for eating and juicing. It would be nice to expand on our little mini-orchard and grow even more of our own fruits.


Carol said...

You, my dear, are a domestic put me to shame!!

C x

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Juice!?? MORE WINE !! :P Kidding, kidding, MMmmm that sounds so yummy! I keep thinking Welches grape juice - but BETTER! I hope you'll tell us how this turns out, I'm really curious! :)

~Mama Skates~ said...

u amaze me! & make me very hungry 4 some of that homemade goodness!

jenny said...

Carol-- oh pooh! I might be a wiz in the kitchen, but you should see the rest of my house when I start my canning!! You don't wanna know! LOL But thanks anyway, hon! :o)

Lindy-- HAHAHA!! I thought about it, but goodness! Everytime I BUY wine it's made with grapes. Let's try something different with other fruits! But I've changed courses with the grape juice-- stay tuned! :o)

Mama Skates-- Welcome!! Aw shucks! I'm just trying to make sure my family eats well and healthy, too! Come back now, ya hear! :o)