Wednesday, September 7, 2011

With Or Without Me

Despite my complete lack of attention, the chickens noshing on them, and rampant weeds towering above my head, the tomatoes have continued to thrive and produce hundreds of fruit for us to eat and enjoy. I have not even watered the garden except for a few days in the very beginning after planting, and we have had a pretty dry summer where we're at. I didn't do a lot of tomato canning this summer-- I still have many quarts left of whole tomatoes I canned last year. I did manage to can up batches of taco sauce and mild salsa, though. The salsa won me a blue ribbon at the county fair.  We've also eaten plenty of fresh salsa this summer, made with lots of onions, chopped cilantro and lemon juice. And goodness knows how many tomatoes we've eaten in salads, BLTs, sandwiches, burgers and all by their lonesome with a dash of salt! I'll miss eating those fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter when all that's left of summer is in our memories.


Cheyenne said...

Lucky you...I am nursing along one very tiny tomato on my Topsy Turvy plant that had a late start. We have too many groundhogs (woodchucks) here to plant tomatoes on the ground. So say a little prayer for my teeny tiny tomato.

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- ~laughs~ Aww, c'mon teeny tiny tomato! You can do it! (chanting) grow! grow! grow! grow!