Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scratching the Itch

I've been itching to get on the sewing machine lately and it's so hard during the day with Peter fiddling around with all the buttons on the machine, pulling the spool of thread off, walking around me and tripping over the cord, that I just wait until the kids go to bed. But by then I'm too tired or I have something else more pressing than sewing, so it gets put off and put off and put off.

Sewing and crafting is good for me. It's good for my soul. Sooner or later I have to make time to do something and get it out of my system and when it's finished, I feel better.

Last year, a wonderful bloggy friend sent Evelyn a box of fabrics for Christmas (Thanks, Karen!).  I gave Evelyn most of it when I put it inside her very own sewing box, but kept out a few things-- either I thought she wasn't ready for it, or *ahem* I wanted it for myself. heh. Included in the box of fabrics was a set of charm squares, I think that's what you call them.  A rainbow of colors in the same design but different colors, all pre-cut into 4x4 squares. I've been itching since before Christmas to make something with them, but didn't know what.

Finally, inspiration struck and I spent several days looking at different pinwheel quilts on the internet, looking for a design I liked. I don't have enough squares to make a full size quilt, but I wasn't looking to do that. I just wanted to make something quickly. I needed my fix!

 My first tiny mini-quilt. It's the exact size of a potholder! hahaha!
It's not perfect, some of the corners don't match up and I flubbed the binding.
I like the orange and turquoise together.
I like how if you stare at it long enough, the pattern starts to change-- squares, diamonds, triangles, squares within a square...
I'll probably end up using it as a potholder. 
I used a scrap of fleece as batting in the middle.

I see a lot of quilters adding a little something-something to the backs of their quilts,
giving it that extra special bit and I ended up with an extra pinwheel left over after I pieced the front together, so why not? There's my little extra special something-something!

I did this one, too. Can you see the diamond pattern?
Trying to line up all the tiny squares on this was tough!
I should have used a different fabric, switching out one of the red-and-white ones.
Like keeping the stripes, both the green and the red/white, and adding a different color stripe. The red-and-white polka dot is cute, but it doesn't help define the diamond pattern.
At least I got all the stripes lined up the same way.
This is also the size of a potholder-- the squares are the size of a dime.
 I'm thinking I'll finish it and let the girls have it for a doll quilt.

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