Monday, September 12, 2011

WIP: Blue Flowers Embroidery

A great embroidery blog called Feeling Stitchy hosted a stitch-along in August that I just had to jump onto the bandwagon for. The project was to pick a fabric with a pattern and then embellish it with thread. I'd seen other examples and wanted to try it, too. I found this great vintage linen towel at a yard sale and I knew it'd be perfect for the stitch-along. The stitch-along is over now, and I'm not done with it yet, but I wanted to show my work-in-progress.

 The vintage linen.  It took some courage to actually sew into it. I was brought up to keep things in their original condition and I am slowly learning that it's OK to personalize something the way you want it. If it's yours, and you aren't 100 percent pleased with something, then shouldn't you be able to make changes to make it better?

 The embroidery thread all picked out and matched to the linen.

My work so far..
Adding the thread adds a dimension to it and I think makes it look more interesting. I found a great oval frame for it from the thrift shop and I've marked the area I'll sew to fit inside the frame. Looking forward to finishing this and seeing it in the frame. I already have just the spot for it in my bedroom.


Cheyenne said...

That's a really neat idea. That flower just pops right out at you. I love the colors, too. Gorgeous so far.

BeckyAnn said...

Beautiful! What a neat idea!

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- Thank you! Isn't it a great idea??!! I saw one with a ship and it took me several visits to realize the "rolling seas" was the hair of a woman! The ship was on her head! Neat picture! I've done a second color on the flower and it looks even better now!

BeckyAnn-- Thank you! One would think adding thread wouldn't do much but it really makes a difference! I'm looking forward to finishing this!

barefoot gardener said...


jenny said...

Barefoot-- Thank you!! :o)