Thursday, September 11, 2008

Staying Busy

First, a big Thank You for all of your supportive comments on my previous post. It is reassuring to know that I have people on my side, even those that have never met me and know me only through my blog. We did as some of you suggested, and called CPS asking for a copy of the report. We were told we will get copies when the case is closed but not while it is ongoing. We also made an appointment with a new, local doctor and we are keeping in touch with the CPS worker as well.

Jessica!! Of course I remember you! How could I forget? It's great hearing from you and I hope we can keep in touch now that you've found my blog!

In an attempt to keep my mind off of what has been happening with CPS and the doctor, I spent all day Tuesday making and then canning 15 pints of peach jam.

The whole family pitched in to help, from picking the peaches off our peach tree, to peeling the skins off (who knew the girls' nimble little fingers could peel them so much faster than I ever could!), taking out the seed and then running them in the meat grinder. A quick tip for you: for mincing fruits and veggies, the meat grinder does a great job of it, saving me loads of time chopping it myself!

I planned to make more today, but am out of pectin, so will put it off until tomorrow.

Wednesday, we had a morning appointment with a local doctor for the baby. He was ok, telling us stuff we already knew-- like how often to feed a baby and don't let baby sleep, wake baby to feed him, etc.. I wanted to say "Hello?! This is #4 for me?! I know that stuff already" but I bit my tongue and nodded along. Since the appointment with idiot doctor last week, the baby gained another 8 ounces. I felt victorious in knowing that what we've been saying all along is turning out to be true-- the baby is a slow gainer and between 2 and 3 months, the weight starts to come on faster. But it still doesn't erase what has happened with CPS and idiot doctor.

This new doctor wants us to come back next week for a weigh-in and he went on and on about how a baby is supposed to gain an ounce a day and that equals approximately 2 pounds a month and then showed us the growth and weight chart and where our baby is on it and I realized that this doctor is the same as the other doctor-- he isn't listening to us when we say that our babies are slow gainers. When we told him we breastfed all our kids until they were over 18 months (except #3 who weaned herself off at 9 months) he seemed surprised. When we told him I was not on birth control because I didn't believe in nursing while on the pill, he actually looked at me funny.

I feel like I am in a position I don't want to be in-- We HAVE to go to the doctor because if we don't, CPS will be back for another visit. I'd much rather stay home and then go to the health department when necessary, but at this point, we can't. It's too late, CPS is involved now and the only way to get them off our backs is to continue to see the doctor and show that the baby is gaining weight.
* * * * *

After coming home from the doctor's office, the husband decided to get out the chainsaw and do some trimming of the trees. We have a few dead trees that need to be cut down and chopped for fire wood.

Here's me, cutting the trunk of a tree *I* cut down!! What a rush that is, to cut a tree and see it fall! After about 10 minutes, I passed the chainsaw back to Hubby, my hand can't take the vibration of it for very long-- I had surgery once for carpal tunnel and tendinitis on my right hand.

Here's Hubby, trimming the branches off the tree I cut down.

And the girls wanted to help, so they pulled all the branches out of the way after daddy cuts them off. See Youngest covering her ears? "That chainsaw is too loud!!"

It's always fun when we can do things together as a family-- be it making jam or cutting wood. Whatever happens with the doctors and CPS, I know that we will be alright. We know that our son is fine and we just have to keep going to prove it. We are a loving family and I am totally blessed to have them in my life.


K.L. said...

Sometimes I think doctors forget that in order to get "average" you have to compile lots of kids and that some have to be above average and some actually have to be BELOW average on those charts in order to make them work. HELLO!!! Slow growth does not equal no growth. Idiots! Just keep doing what you are doing. They will get it eventually. But when CPS is finally out of the picture, and you are proven right, it would be very satisfying to have a nice chat with those doctors, setting them straight on a few things. Sheesh.

Patty Keen said...

I just love the pictures very much. Your girls are just SO beautiful!!

Wow, you did a lot of canning in a day! You put Martha Stewart to shame, Jenny!!

Big hugs to you!!
Patty oxox

Lantana said...

Jenny, I think you need to contact the NAD. That is what they are for. There is no reason for your doctor to have contacted CPS! This is all ridiculous. You need the support of the NAD, just in case. You have your own personal blog to prove your lifestyle!

Loved your pictures. Your children are growing up happy and in a healthy, loving and secure invironment. How many hearing people can beat you? Please take care. The world can be ugly with something they do not understand.

Hugs, Lantana

Deaf Pixie said...

Yes, Lantana, Patty & KI

Good idea to contact NAD. I have had bad experinced with CPS two years ago. I cannot trust CPS. they love to bully on Deaf people who struggle to make clear with CPS about family situation.

I know some baby loose weight for some reason. Likely My daughter, Tara have similiar case. she was grown small. Turn out she is 5'2 petite. I think your son might be short. I doubt it.

My nephew have anemic when he was baby.
I think Lantana's comment is accurate and every encouraged you to contact NAD.

Picutre is beautfiul flower with your children,too. Lovely picture.


Margaret aka Deaf Pixie

Deaf Pixie said...

Hi, Again.

Earlier I say Pretty flower. I realized it was actually tree and branches. My vision is not good lately.

I am thinking of your son's sake from CPS or Doctor.
Keep chin up, ok.. I know Things is very common.

Second things I was think you can contact Deaf Service in your hometown. To make sure with CPS or doctor's misunderstood.
They can allow you to get ASL interpreter. CPS or Hospital or medical office have to pay their interpreter fee. Not your responisible to deal pay for fee for doctor visit. Ok.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Good for you to keep your chin up while they make you swim upstream! Sounds like you have been busy. It's so hard to buck the system, when the people in it act like sheep, they have been trained and they will not budge. Which makes it unfortunate for people who aren't "average".
Your family is way ABOVE average, keep up the good work.

Love the pics - the girls look like good helpers. :)

jenny said...

KL-- yes I agree.. The doctors forget about what "average" really means! I would have thought the doc would have been happy with a little weight gain, but that wasn't the case. Hopefully, now that the baby is gaining, all parties involved will step back.

Patty-- I like to can, and with the girls helping, it went by fast! I didn't get a picture of them helping and will have to remember the next time we make some more! I have peaches in the fridge waiting... :o)

Lantana & Deaf Pixie-- I think I'll wait and see what happens before I get another party involved. Whether this is a case of "audism" or not, I don't want to rock the boat any more than it already is. The CPS worker explained that in VA and WVA, doctors are required by law to report underweight children/babies, which is what this doctor did. They would rather be on the safe side and make sure the child is healthy and see that they are indeed being taken care of. If I see that nothing is happening, then I'll get help, either from a lawyer or NAD.

Trapper-- Nice to see you over here! I know you have been busy yourself. For me, I need to keep busy or else I'll dwell on things and then I'll start to over-think the situation and make it seem bigger than it really is. I prefer to look at things in a positive light and deal with it as it comes. Hopefully, as the baby starts to put on more weight, they'll back off and CPS will close the case. I like your description of "sheep" in the system!

The girls can be good helpers when they WANT to be!! :o)

DJ Kirkby said...

What a lovely post. This new doctor is he one of the ones you chose? Stay strong, thinking of you.