Monday, September 1, 2008

It's a Honey of a Weekend!

It's been a good weekend so far, and it's not even over yet! I'm feeling somewhat better than I did a few days ago, and my funkiness is fading away.

We had a great visit with the husband's parents, as we always do. My mother in law came bearing small gifts for all the children-- a few school supplies for the girls and 2 outfits for the baby. He is still such a small thing, and I was so sure that he would be big like his sisters were, that I got no newborn-sized clothing for him, except for 6 onesies that he has been wearing for the past 2 months. Everything else is just too big for him! So I am tickled to have 2 new outfits that he will be able to wear, and it'll be funny if now he has a growth spurt and cannot wear them!

Reading through the local paper, I spotted an ad for local honey for sale. I asked Hubby to call and sure enough, it was the same man (he reminds me of Fred Gywnne from the Munsters) we bought our honey from last year. We went over today and bought another quart of honey for $8. I don't know what the going rate for honey is, but I know it's cheaper than the stores. We like honey but we are not big honey eaters, and we are just about finished with the quart we bought last year.

I've been busy in the kitchen these past couple of days. I made and canned another 4 pints of pear butter, baked a chocolate cake for my Aunt for tomorrow, made grilled ribs, and baking peachy muffins as I type. The smell is driving me nutty and I just might have to sample one-- quality control, you know! I am going to give a dozen to my Aunt for her birthday and making extra for everyone else to snack on.

Tuesday, I will take all those ripe roma tomatoes that have been sitting on my counter and try my hand at making ketchup. I had originally planned to make spaghetti sauce, but I like to use whole tomatoes for that, so I'm switching to ketchup. Once I make the ketchup, I'll take some of that and use it to make steak sauce! I'll let you know how that turned out!

Sorry for no pictures, blogger is not letting me post any. I'll be back Tuesday!

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Elsie Button said...

i just do not know how on earth you do it!! - all this making and baking and cooking - with four, FOUR children!! You are some kind of super woman, seriously.