Tuesday, September 23, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 2

First things first, the laundry! Gotta get up earlier to line dry clothes because it gets darker earlier now. And yes, that is a ladder holding up one of the lines-- we haven't gotten around to getting another support rigged up yet and we are making do. Holds the bucket of clothespins nicely, though.

Hubby made breakfast this morning-- our favorite! Ham, egg and cheese sandwiches with tator tots and milk. Yes, I eat 2 sandwiches-- gotta make that milk for baby!

The day was spent peeling, coring, cooking and making applesauce. Lucky for me, baby took a long nap and I was able to do most of this without nursing him at the same time!

Results of the day-- 8 quarts and 1 pint of applesauce. I barely made a dent in the 2 bushels of apples we bought. Making more applesauce tomorrow!


mishkazena said...

You are so good in preparing and preserving fruits. The procedure looks so complicated to me that I've not attempted it at all ;)

DJ Kirkby said...

Love, love, love your pic of the clotheslines. Why? No idea, think it is a fab pic. xo

Karen Mayes said...

You should start a series of Deaf Foxfire books!!!! :o)

Lisa said...

Good job improvising the clothesline!! I have to use a stick to hold up the middle of the line sometimes, when I have too many heavy things out! I really need another line altogether, but will make do for now.

I agree that clothesline pictures are fab...weird, huh??

Danielle said...

I hear ya on the not making a dent thing. I canned yesterday for hours upon hours. I don't want to face it again today!

jenny said...

Mishkazena-- Once you get the hang of canning, it's really easy. Applesauce is the easiest to do.. You only need to peel, core and chop apples; cook until tender then either mash or use a food mill to turn into sauce; then ladle hot sauce into jars and place jars in a big pot and boil jars in water for 20 minutes. done! The most time-consuming part is the peeling and coring.

Dj-- I don't know why either, but am glad you like it! :o)

Karen-- might be an idea there! :o)

Lisa-- On the other line is an old metal hook for hanging bird feeders or plants. We used to buy bird seed but have since stopped because of the $, so the hook works great for the line. I have another hook somewhere and have just been too lazy/busy to look for it.

Danielle-- I really enjoy the whole canning process, but I can't do it all day long with the kids and the baby. I have to plan ahead and make sure the husband will be around to help with the baby, otherwise, I have to do it in steps, which takes me a lot longer than I'd like. If the kids weren't around, I'd be finished with the apples by now.

Lisa C. said...