Monday, September 29, 2008

::30 Days:: Day 8

Blogger isn't letting me post any pictures, but that's alright, I had another one of those non-stop nursing days. Working at the store yesterday tired us all out and with the exception of the husband going to work, the rest of us had a very lazy day. I wanted to do more, but Baby just wasn't having it. Seemed like every time I put him down, he lasted 5-10 minutes before demanding to be held or fed.

We did manage to make cinnamon apple chips with the dehydrator, though. Peel and slice apples really thin, a mandolin slicer helps here, and after a dip in lemon juice to prevent darkening, dip in a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Lay out on dehydrator and let dry until crisp, it took about 10 hours for mine. These won't last long so make several batches.

Working at the store was a different change of pace, but I couldn't do it everyday. Having to work and then tending to baby and children is too much and I am glad this is only for a few weeks. The drive down is nice, but the gas prices are killing us, too. It costs us about $25 in gas round trip so we always deduct that from our earnings. If we make $100 that day, it's really only $75, plus we had to buy food for the kids to eat so that's another $10 knocked off. Going to pack sandwiches the next time we go in. I'm hoping to make $500 and then spend about $100 on things the kids need, and then it's probably minus $125-150 in gas so we only get to take home about $250, but hey-- it's $250 we didn't have before!

I'll be back with photos for Day 9.


Karen Mayes said...

Sounds like Baby is going through a growth spurt :o)

Shoot, I was looking forward to seeing the photos.. I love photoblogs!


sufferingsummer said...

I was going to say the same thing as Karen...growth spurting boy! I can't post pictures either...ugh...enough to make me wanna switch to typad! said...

Oh yum! Cinnamon apple chips sound terrific! Oh how I want a dehydrator!

I posted a story start and need a catchy title. Any ideas? Check out the story and tell me what you think.


jenny said...

Karen-- The baby does seem to be bigger, though still a slim baby. Blogger has been finicky these days, so hopefully I'll be able to post photos from now on.

Summer-- I like typepad, too, but I don't want to do all the work of transferring stuff from here, so I'll stick with blogger.

Lacy-- You could probably find a dehydrator at the thrift shops.. that's where we found ours, it was hardly used! I have used it for making fruit leathers but I almost don't like to because they are gone as soon as I take them out!! The cinnamon apple chips were delicious and gone already!

Sparx said...

Yup, sounds like baby boy is going to put on some growth! Charlie did the same thing - little skinny thing for ages and ages and then whoomp! The only time I ever used my old dehydrator it took abougt 10 hours to make the apple chips and about 10 minutes to eat them... didn't seem right!