Thursday, August 2, 2007

Creatures, big and small..

A while back, I was telling Lindystar that I had a cat that only drank his water from a water gun or a squirt bottle. I told her I would post the pictures and here they are! (Forgive the grainy blurry bits, please!)

When BC was a kitten, we had his two brothers and sister to watch, too. 4 kittens are a hand full so we bought a water gun to "shoot" at the kittens when they were getting into something they shouldn't. You know; scratching on the furniture-- squirt! Climbing the curtains-- squirt! Nibbling too hard on my toes-- squirt! But for BC, it caught his attention more than it chased him away. After licking the water off his fur, he wandered over to investigate the water gun. Squirt! He jumped, but came back and licked the area where the water shot out from. Squirt! Lick. Squirt! Lick, lick. And so it went..

He is now 7 years old and so spoiled, he will not drink water from anything else. We switched from a water gun to a squirt bottle as it seemed kind of weird to see a cat clutching a gun and licking the end of the barrel. Every night, when hubby comes home from work, BC will meow in the kitchen, demanding his daily dose of squirted water. This squirting and licking practice goes on for about 5 minutes, until BC has had enough. He will only drink out of the water bowl if he is practically dying of thirst, there is no water in the dirty dishes in the sink and there is no one around to squirt water at him. Oh, and in case you are wondering, BC stands for black cat.

Yesterday. Hubby found and caught a toad to show the girls. Squeals of delight as Hubby made the toad "talk".

"Hey, who turned out the light?" toad said while cupped inside of Hubby's hands. "Oh look, an opening to jump through." and Hubby barely caught it in time before it landed 3 feet on the hard floor. We put it in an empty flower pot so the girls could look at it better and after several escape attempts, Hubby put him back where he found it.

In the garden yesterday, I found this fuzzy caterpillar munching on the watermelon vines. Oldest quickly snatched him away and giggled when Fuzzy tickled his way all over her arms and hands. Middle shrieked and wanted to hold him, too, but every time Fuzzy came near, she ran away screaming! She is such a girl! Oldest will pick up just about any bug and Middle will watch from a safe distance of 10 feet away, or peek a closer look from behind my legs. Youngest just wants to grab it and squish it! We are having lots of fun discovering bugs and animals around here!


Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

No. You. Really. Don't.

That's the ONLY way he drinks? OMG my brian is going to collapse, I just don't know what to do with this. Oh laaarrrrdddy this is hilarious!! OH OH HO HO hO ooooeeeeeeeeee!!!

Ok and that really IS spoiled. I mean for really really. And cute. OMG. I just don't know.

OML. Thank you for this post!!!

jenny said...

Lindy--I don't do it. BC is strictly Hubby's cat! I am only the replacement lap when Hubby ain't home. Apparently I dont squirt the water the Hubby does so BC won't take it from me! Cheeky cat!

I'm glad I made you laugh. I live for it!! LOL

Sparx said...

Ahhahaha!! That's very funny - I've often wondered what goes throught kitty heads. It reminds me slightly of a cat we had when I was young. As a kitten he refused to run from the vacuum, instead choosing to attack the business end. After a while he would come running whenever the vacuum was turned on and demand to be vacuumed. This lasted all his life, if you didn't vacuum him he would sit on top of the machine shouting at you until you gave in.

jenny said...

Sparx-- We have a cat that loves to be vacuumed, too! He tends to stay away lately, though, because he has to compete with 3 little girls running circles around the vacuum cleaner and if he stays, he is bound to get his tail stepped on or worse!

Krissie said...

One time, when my sis was around 2 or 3 years old, she brought a snail to the house, put it in the middle of the hall and yelled: Look! A pig! I jumped on the table. I was/am so not a fan of slimy animals. Caterpillars, toads, snails... *shudder*

lady macleod said...

That cat looks like a small jungle animal. That would send me to the crazy farm for ladies who ran into the street at nightime! That is how I always discipline my cats! What a horrible (or it seems not) outcome! Please don't let that kitty email our cats!

jenny said...

Krissie-- I was pretty much a tomboy growing up, so I was always looking for the creepy crawlies and stuff like that. Ignorance is bliss in those cases, because now, I know about ticks and mosquitos and the harm they cause; spider bites and snake bites... I see a beetle in the house and freak a little! I'm right there with you, shuddering!

Lady M-- yes, Hubby calls BC his panther. He is a large fellow and knows how to get his way with Hubby. I'll be sure to keep BC from sending any emails to MC! :o)

LaRonda said...

You wrote: "kind of weird to see a cat clutching a gun and licking the end of the barrel."

Ha! I couldn't get that image out of my head!

Again, a very fun post. I so much enjoy your wit and humor.

~ LaRonda

The Good Woman said...

I love the way the ears point back. I think we all know whose winning that battle!

Lisa C. said...

That cute kitty must be very spoiled. Bless your hubby's heart.

How is Charlie your other black cat?

Karen said...

What a hilarious picture!

jenny said...

Laronda-- Which is exactly why we switched to a water bottle!! We dont want PETA banging on our door! :o)

Good Woman-- Oh yes! BC definetly gets his way! :o)

Lisa-- Hubby would be lost without BC! And Charlie is doing just fine! Happy to be outside chasing the bugs!

Karen-- Thanks!

Lisa C. said...

When the pest control tech was here checking on bugs in our house, he said that there were not much bugs and I told him that our cat ate them. He laughed.

jenny said...

Lisa-- LOL! Our other outdoor cat is a good bug catcher, but she isnt allowed in the house anymore. She has a tendency to poop on the beds. So I have to depend on Hubby to be the bug catcher! :o)