Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have agreed to be interviewed by the lovely Dj Kirkby over at Exquisite Dreams. I have come to enjoy her posts very much and she has become a good blog-friend to me. So I was curious as to what she would ask me. Here goes!

1. What age did I lose my hearing and how did it happen? I come from a deaf family; Mom and Dad are both deaf, my sister is deaf, both grandmothers are deaf, loads of aunties and uncles and cousins are deaf. For me and my relatives, it is genetic. I recall being around the age of 6 or 7 and complaining to Mom that I couldn't hear as well as I usually could, so Mom took me to the audiologist to get my hearing tested and sure enough, there was some loss. I got fitted with my first pair of hearing aids right after we moved to Louisiana so not only was I the "new girl" in school, I was also the "new girl with funny looking things behind her ears". Over the years, my hearing gradually lessened and now it is at the point where I am wearing the strongest and loudest hearing aid available for my level of deafness. I am classified as 'profoundly deaf' and once I take off my hearing aid, my world goes silent. I'm ok with it. I always knew that one day I wouldn't be able to hear anymore, and it's not a big deal for me. As long as I still have my other senses, everything is going to be alright!

2. How did Hubby and I meet? We both started working for the post office on the same day in November 1995. We were in the training room with about 15 other people and I remember looking at him talking with another guy and figuring out that they were both military men at one point. We got put together on different jobs once in a while and we would talk from time to time. He was engaged to another girl and I had no interest in him at all. Then in August of 1996, I missed about a month of work; bronchitis the first week, laziness the second week, my sister's wedding the third week (I was her maid of honor), and laziness the fourth week. I got a letter from my supervisor that said if I didn't return by such and such date, I would be fired. I showed up the following day and saved my job. During the month I was gone, would-be-hubby missed me and asked my Mom (worked at the post office too) where I was and if I quit. Mom assured him I'd be back and I was sick. After I came back, he started hanging around more and we talked more and then one day he told me that he was going to dump his girl and ask me out! I refuse to be "the other woman" and I told him so. Sure enough, he dumped her and asked me out in November. We got engaged on Jan 2, 1997. Got married May 1998 and have been happy ever since.

3. What is my favorite recipe? Oooooo... This is a tough one. I love food. I love making food. I love eating food. If you gotta eat, eat good. I thought long and hard on this one and I can't pick just ONE. I have all kinds of favorites-- favorite dessert, favorite breakfast, favorite dinner, favorite cookie..... So that's what I'll do: list several favorites (all made by me, not store bought or from a restaurant).
  • favorite cookie-- oatmeal raisin with pecans tied with white chocolate macadamia nut
  • favorite dessert-- white chocolate raspberry cheesecake
  • favorite breakfast-- apple raisin cinnamon rolls
  • favorite sandwich-- BLT! (bacon, lettuce, tomato)
  • favorite dinner-- [this could go on into sub-categories but I'll pick one] beef and vegetables stir fry

4. What is my greatest hope for the future? I hope that my girls get to grow up and achieve their dreams and be happy in whatever they decide to do. I hope they find their soul mates and have someone to share their lives with. I hope that this world can heal and improve for my children, their children and their children's children. I hope that I can grow old with my husband and that I never have to live without him. I hope that I can teach my girls to treat others with kindness and to love deeply and to let things go. I hope that there will always be goodness in this world and that my girls will know that people are not without hope.

5. How has becoming a wife and mother changed me? I never thought that I would enjoy being a wife so much. I never saw a marriage that was so good that I wanted to have one just like them. But since Hubby and I moved in together, we have only been apart maybe a total of one month in more than 10 years. When I am without him, I am miserable. When he goes to work, I count the hours til he gets home. My sister told me before I married Hubby that we would get sick of each other: we drive together, work together, home together. I told her with confidence that we wouldn't and to this day, we love being together. I can do things on my own, I am not so helpless that I cannot function without him, but I don't want to be without him and he tells me he feels the same about me. Then becoming a mother has made me want to do better. For both myself and my children. I don't want to spoil them with sugary sweets and chemically enhanced foods. I want them to have a free and simple childhood, away from all the modern electronic games and toys. Since becoming a mother, I have not spent a single night away from my children. We rarely have a babysitter and take our children everywhere we go. Why have children if you aren't going to take care of them? (please note that this is my lifestyle and I am aware that what works for us might not work for others, more power to you.) I once dreamed of being an on-the-go mother with a nanny to help with the children and I have become the complete opposite, which is fine by me! I take care of my husband, my children and my home and I am a better woman for it. I am a happy woman and I can't imagine my life any other way.

If you would like to be interviewed by me, let me know and I will send you 5 questions to answer.


DJ Kirkby said...

I adored this post! I was going to say esp number...and then realised that I loved all your answers. May be emailing you for some recipes too! You want my soft fruit ice cream rcipe? The girls might enjoy the sitrring as it freezes as it has to be done by hand, no ice cream machine in our house!

jenny said...

DJ-- I loved your questions! I had to think about them for a while before I was ready to answer them, but the favorite recipe really stumped me! So hard to choose just ONE!

I am curious about your soft fruit ice cream, as I have one last batch of blackberries I picked and I am too lazy to make anymore jam with it. Please, I'd love to have it and we don't have an ice cream machine either!

LaRonda said...

Nice to get to know more about you. You're a lovely person, Jenny.

~ LaRonda

Dana said...

Your answer to #4 was quite Perfect.

I would ask to be interviewed, but I asked someone yesterday and did it today.

Drunk Mummy said...

I was surprised to hear how many of your family are also deaf. I had no idea there was such a genetic link.
Lovely interview Jenny.

jenny said...

Laronda-- Thank you!

Dana-- I read your interview.. love your answers!! Especially the Diary Queen one!

Drunk Mummy-- My dad came from a family of 11 brothers and sisters, all are deaf. Then of the 40+ cousins I have, it's about 50/50, depending on who they married and whose genes won out. (I've lost track and I'm not into genealogy)

All 3 of my girls are hearing, so Hubby's genes won out with mine. My sister married a deaf man from a deaf family also, and her litle girl seems to be hearing impaired, not totally deaf. There is still a possibility that my girls could lose their hearing later in life, but for now, they can hear just fine! Can't even sneak a piece of candy for they come running at the sound of a crinkly wrapper! :o)

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Oh Gosh Jenny what a great post. I too was genuinely surprised about the genetic link and deafness in your family. Thank you for sharing so cadidly.

Ohh, I've got a great cookie for you - Take that oatmeal rasin cookie and ADD to it white chocolate peices, macadamia slivers and dried cranberries. They make one like that at the gormet bakery Chino works at and it is to die for.

Awwwww and I LOVE to hear you talk about the great love you share with your husband. It's not everyone that has that, I honestly know like 4 couples in real life, and I'm always thrilled to see another.

Ooo! Would you interview me? (If you can't think of anything to come up with that's ok.) I think that kind thing is fun :) My e-mail is on my profile. Thanx again for sharing, - Lindy

jenny said...

Lindy-- I'll be sending you your interview questions soo! Let me think some up!!

MMMMmm!! I have substituted cranberries and white choc for the raisins before, but not all at once! That would be like my 2 favorite cookies rolled into one!! I'll be trying that one soon!!

Your mexican works at a bakery?? Oh dear! If that was my Hubby I'd be the world's fattest woman by now!!

Hubby and I have been together more than 10 years now and it just gets better everyday. I don't know what I'd do without him! Every word I typed is true!