Friday, August 3, 2007

Yard Sale Treasures 2

We went yard sale-ing last Sunday and also stopped at an indoor Flea Market in Hancock, Md, about an hour drive from home. It's a great little place to stop at, with a pizza place and an antique mall next door. I've only just took the time to go through the bags and boxes of goodies and took pictures before I put them away in their new homes.
This is a lovely salt-glazed ceramic cookie jar that I picked up for $5 at a yard sale. Absolutely perfect condition and just needed a wash!
Here is a MINT set of Pyrex refrigerator dishes. I have not seen such a perfect set and they look like they were never used! I have a bunch of these and use them not only for leftovers, but to store buttons and craft things. I picked up the set for $5 at the same yard sale as the cookie jar!
Here is a jumble of odds and ends from an Old Man's house. Picked up a nifty little suitcase ($.50) that I plan to re-line with new fabric and use for storage. Some various linens: a green sheet ($.50) I will tear into strips for a rag rug, vintage race car curtains ($.50) that I will hem and put into the garage for Hubby's shop area (I showed the curtains to Hubby's Mom and she said Hubby had the exact same set in his room as a little boy!! Cool!), and a cute plaid tablecloth ($1). 2 vintage PEZ dispensers ($.10 each) that Hubby and I both collect and starting to amass quite a collection of. Jar of buttons and a great heavy glass bowl with lid and more buttons ($3). The cutest pair of daisy S&P shakers! ($1) A cool vintage recipe card box for $.25 and a lonely aluminum pepper shaker that the Old man tossed in for free.
Here are some old stove burner grates that I plan to convert into trivets. Glue a little cork on the bottoms and voila! Picked these up for $1 apiece.
And finally, some cute ceramics-- A puppy waiting by the mailbox planter for $1 and a duck creamer for $.25.

I love yard sale-ing and this weekend is the 450 mile-long yard sale in Tennessee through Alabama on RT 127. Hubby and I wish, wish, WISH we could go, but time and money is a factor. Maybe next year... sigh. We think it'll be a little easier not to have the girls along with us because 450 miles of yard sales equal a lot of walking and getting in and out of the car. I don't know about you, but buckling and unbuckling 3 car seats every 15 minutes would be a pain in the ass. We would be better off arranging Grandparents to babysit for a weekend so Hubby and I would be free to shop and have more room in the car to load up bargain buys! In the meantime, our local paper has a long list of yard sales for today and tomorrow so we will be happy making the rounds here. We already went out this morning and found some great stuff! Educational books to stock the Home School Library; small puzzles for the puzzle-fiend in Oldest; a nifty, vintage child's picnic basket for Middle; a toy vacuum cleaner and popper for Youngest; a train car for Hubby's model trains and a whole box of Fire King dishes for $1! Whoo-hoo! Can't wait to see what tomorrow's yard sales bring!


The Good Woman said...

You once mentioned opening a store with polished treasures from the yard sales you grequent. Could this be the online forerunner?

Lisa C. said...

I enjoy hearing stories about the yard sales. We are allowed to have only TWO yard sales per year with the permits from the city. Darn it. Thats Texas!
I still have my very first purchased items I got when I was younger. I had several yard sales when I lived in Washington state and North idaho earning lot of arms and legs.

jenny said...

Good Woman-- I guess you could say that.. Be nice to get some feedback on the things I posted and see what the general reaction is. We are hoping to open a booth somewhere.. start small instead of breaking the bank to open a store. See how it goes.

Lisa-- Only TWO??? Boo! The town my sister used to live in, in Virginia, would fine you if you left your yard sale sign up. I agree with that though. Nothing more irritating to see a sign and follow the arrows only to discover it is an old sign. Agh!

blueyondergirl said...

SHUT UP!!!! What a haul! Oh my gosh!!! The Pyrex, The Fire King, the shakers, the PEZ. I can't even look anymore, my eyes are burning from all the junky goodness! Congrats!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooohhhh I love the burner grates and the green cookie jar. Gorgeous.

Mike said...


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Lisa C. said...

In Texas, people get fined for leaving their signs the day after their sales which we like because we don't like to drive to the sales for nothing after seeing the old signs.
In Washington state where we lived, there is no rules and there were hundreds of old signs hanging around for weeks. Argh!

DJ Kirkby said...

Wow Jenny! Someone wants to interview you, how amazing. Go for it!

jenny said...

Blueyondergirl-- *beaming* Thank you, thank you!! Didnt have much luck on Saturday but I did score a yellow divided pyrex dish and a stack of old melamine plates. Can't win 'em all!

DJ-- That cookie jar is precious! I KNOW I've seen it in a book somewhere so I gotta look it up. It was a thrill to find the old stove grates.. usually they're with a stove and won't be sold separately so this was a real find!

Mike-- *giggles* Me?? You want to interview me?? I'll be right over!

Lisa-- Argh! I hate seeing old signs left up. Not only are they an eyesore, they are frustrating when there's no date and you drive around looking for a yard sale that isnt there! hmph!

Dj-- *giggles* I know!! Isnt that cool?! I filled out the interview form and will keep you posted on anything that happens!

gab said...

Ahhhh im coming out to your house to go garage saleing. I love those items and wish we had some here in our neighborhood. I love auctions as well.

jenny said...

Gab-- Welcome!! Oh, I'm in yard sale heaven up here!! We live where people tend to hold on to things instead of in the suburbs where it's all about keeping up with the Joneses. So I am finding all the "cool" stuff here that I just LOVE! You are more than welcome to come out here and shop, just save some for me!! :o)

Stepherz said...

I loves me some yard sales! I'm addicted! I like the little duck creamer you found. That retro stuff is just too fun.