Thursday, August 30, 2007

Painting Fun!

After getting the corner all cleaned up and brushing the basement walls clean of dust and cobwebs, I spread out newspaper and put Youngest down for her nap. The older girls were nearly jumping out of their skin with excitement when they saw me stirring a big bucket of paint. We had bought a 5 gallon bucket of paint some time ago and it needed to be stirred. And stirred. And stirred some more. Thank goodness Youngest still takes 2 hour naps! Then the girls peppered me with these same lines over and over-- "Is it ready yet? Is it ready now? Now is it ready?" Squeals of delight when I told them, "It's ready."

Look at how Middle dressed herself for painting-- pretty top with a skirt. You never see her in anything but skirts and dresses!

Paintbrushes in hand, they happily slapped on paint, drip-dropping paint all over the newspapers. I should have put down more papers because the girls stepped in the drops of paint and then walked around where there were no newspapers. I have little trails of paint all over that corner of the basement now, but I am not making a big fuss about it, because we want to lay down some flooring. Not sure what yet, but we are playing with the idea of black and white checkered floors. It was a fun day and the girls did a really good job painting. I was surprised at how little paint they got on themselves (except for the bottoms of their feet) and they are now peppering me with lines like this-- "What color are we going to paint now? When are we going to get the paint? How about pink like our room? What about purple? Can we have yellow? When are we going to paint again?" We are running errands today, and will pick out some paint. Even I am not sure what color we will choose. I'm leaning towards a light and bright color, yellow or orange, or maybe a soft and light color like pale blue or green. I'll know when we see it.


Squ65 said...

ahh shoot I wanna join .. I love painting too! Diane

jenny said...

Diane-- C'mon and join the fun!! Still have 2 more coats to paint! :o)

DJ Kirkby said...

Great post. Chopper painted our halls 'Ginger glow' it is gorgeous and warm

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

A tip for you!!! Instead of stirring the paint with a stick, leave the lid on and just roll it around on the floor.

The kids could even do it!

jenny said...

DJ-- Sounds lovely.. I like to paint, it isnt a chore for me at all. But I wouldnt want to do it for a living.

Lindy-- LOL, we do that too! But the 5 gallon bucket had been sitting for over a year. I rolled it for about 10 minutes, still thick and gooey on the bottom and liquid-y on the top, so I HAD to stir it.