Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Plain ol' Me

DJ Kirkby tagged me with an interesting meme.. to take a self-portrait of when I wake first thing in the morning, before I put anything on, no make-up, no fixing of the hair, nothing. A 'come as you are' sort of picture. The only trouble with that is, I don't wear make-up and I don't fix up my hair, unless you count pulling it into a pony tail everyday. I don't even comb my hair. So I basically look like I woke up all day long.

I am the most natural person you've ever met.. My clothing staples are jeans and v-neck t-shirts with Birkenstock sandals. I wash with plain old shampoo and soap. No lotions or moisturizers, no perfumes, no hair or facial products. Just deodorant (if I remember!). I don't do this as a conscious choice, it's just the way I am. I remember in school, I had a roommate that was not beautiful but pretty in her own way. She always had make-up on and her hair was always styled just so. She always had a boyfriend and was a girly girl. I never saw her any other way until one morning, I woke before my alarm went off. My roommate was just out of the shower and standing with her back to me in front of her closet. She turned around and I nearly freaked! She was horrible looking! I was shocked! All I could think of was that she needed make-up to look the way she did. I determined then and there, that I looked pretty enough the way I was and I didn't need to add all that make-up to change my looks. Through my school years, I saw plenty of other girls without their make-up and it was always a shock to see them 'unmasked'.

I take a shower at night, before I go to bed, because that is the only time I can shower without 3 little ones whipping open the curtains and begging to come in the shower with me. I have showered with all 3 in the tub and it is no fun for me, but the girls are full of giggles laughing at Mommy's butt and hairy coochie. Then they compare boobies and of course I always win for having the biggest pair. I don't need the laughing because my twisted mind will turn their harmless giggles into menacing, mean laughter: HA HA, LOOK AT MOMMY'S JIGGLY BUTT AND HER SAGGING BOOBIES. So, showers at night, in peace. I towel-dry my hair and plop into bed without combing it, and when I wake, my hair is dry with no tangles. Don't ask me how, it just doesn't tangle. I think it is too straight to tangle and after 3 perms that failed to turn my hair into luscious curls, not even a skimpy wave, I give up.
For special occasions, I'll wear a little lipstick, mascara and eye-liner, but that's about it. I'll whip out the dusty hair dryer and the old can of Aqua Net hairspray 'super hold' and my hairbrush that I've had since my school days. I am much happier to be walking around barefoot in my raggy t-shirts and jeans and my hair in a ponytail, though I have been known to complain about how boring my hair is, always in a ponytail. Without further ado, here I am, first thing in the morning...


DJ Kirkby said...

Wow! I thought your hair might be curly. You look great, why don't you look tired? You are on the go all day and get almost no sleep?! I covet your hair, you can have my curly mess...I don't brush either cos there is no point, it would only frizz!

jenny said...

DJ-- Oh, i TRIED to get curly hair, but I am from a family of hopelessly straight hair. I sleep like a rock, must be my deafness, can't hear anything so I sleep well, unlike Hubby who hears everything from the fridge humming to the cat's claws clicking on the wood floor to some sort of singing beetle serenading us outside our bedroom window.

Lisa C. said...

Good morning "Mountain Mamma!"

I don't use any makeup either and I wear Birkenstock sandles and shoes, too. My hubby tried on the Berkenstock sandles at the mall a few years ago and bought them.

sufferingsummer said...

It is such an interesting thing to put a face with your writing because for no reason whatsoever that I can determine, in my head you had dark curly hair...funny!
And I second DJ Kirby...how is it you don't look tired?!

jenny said...

Lisa-- Aren't Birkenstocks the best?? I tried to get Hubby to wear them, but they sit in his closet, wayyy back in the corner playing with the dust bunnies. :o)

Summer-- I must admit, I thought long and hard about posting a pix of myself, because then I lose that anonymity. I hope I didnt ruin anyone's opinions of me and have them running to the hills after seeing what I look like. Sometimes it is easier to imagine who would write such a blog than to see the actual person and find the picture doesnt match what is in your head. At least that is how it is for me.. I can't explain why I don't look tired. I always look like that. As a matter of fact, that is very close to my senior pix 15 years ago... i'll have to post a side-by-side, one day.

Kelly - said...

Oh, Jenny - you are just so beautiful! I am so glad you posted your pix - it's nice to place a name with a pix.

Ah, I wear birkenstock sandalsas well! I love them and I actually wear them year around. Told my husband just today that I would like to purchase a new one.

Thanks for postin' that darlin' pix of you! :)

Kelly -

Kelly - said...

Good Gawd, I can't spell, can I?

Sorry for the typos!
Kelly -

jenny said...

Kelly-- aww *blush* Thanks!

I have 5 or 6 pairs of Birkenstocks that I rotate and I wear them year round too. I'm due for a new pair because 2 of them are beyond the point of repair. I just wish they weren't so darn expensive, but they are SO worth it!

Don't worry about the typos.. happens to me all the time. Gotta love 'spell check!'

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

AHH! Don't you DARE put makeup on skin like that!! (not that you were going to) But seriously you're one of those lucky folk that would look WRONG with foundation and all that crap.

I admit to always wearing masacra and maybe lipgloss but that's as far as I can drag myself into it. I try every couple of years or so to wear a foundation but always looking weird and fake and icky.

And seriously WHY don't you look puffy and wretched and red and blotchy if you just woke up? THAT is not fair.

jenny said...

Lindy-- I tried to use foundation once and I don't like that "cakey" feeling. Plus I am always touching my face, so by lunch time, it's all rubbed off anyway, so what's the point? I DID go through an eyeliner phase and if I HAD to use make-up, it would be strictly mascara and eyeliner.

As for not looking puffy and splotchy and all, I don't know why.. I drool sometimes and wake up with a wet pillow, does that have something to do with it??? LOL :o)

DJ Kirkby said...

Sweetie maybe you should change the name of your blog to the 'Birkenstock blog'! No on second thought I spose you cant, they might want to charge you for the use of their name.