Friday, August 24, 2007

More Canning Adventures

We have had a lovely week of cool weather and a visit from my Mom and Uncle & Auntie. Monday, Auntie and Uncle brought Mom up and all 3 stayed the night after I cooked Shepard's Pie for dinner. Breakfast was a yummy egg, sausage and potato casserole and then I made a batch of pickle relish, taking advantage of the cooler weather we had. Uncle and Auntie left and Mom stayed. I took full advantage of having Mom here and had her keep the girls out of the kitchen so I could concentrate on making more relish on Wednesday.

Mom thinks it's funny that I make relish but I don't eat it. I don't like pickles or relish, never have. I've tried it but I just don't like that pickled taste. One year, I had a whopper crop of cucumbers and thought I would try making pickles for the pickle-lovers in the family. I got all kinds of compliments and raves and requests for "More! More!" I happily obliged and made more! Then I tried making Sweet Relish and I can't make enough to keep everyone happy! Last year I made 12 jars of relish and 18 jars of assorted pickles, I still have 14 jars of pickles and the last jar of relish is in the fridge, nearly empty!

This year, sadly, no cukes from my garden, so I went to the local farm stand and bought a bushel of cukes for cheap and got red peppers and onions, too, and green peppers from my garden and set to work making 3 cases of relish!! Some for Hubby to eat, some for family members and others for gifts. Hubby and Mom happily sampled my latest batch (quality control, they tell me) and I am soaking up the compliments about how good the relish is. I still have a bunch of cukes left and I think I will make one more batch of relish and then use the rest in salads. We take Mom back home Saturday and we will miss her. Her next visit will be in October.

My next post will be a canning post-- How to make Sweet Relish! Come back and learn, it's easy-peasy!


DJ Kirkby said...

Ah thanks sweetie, iw as going to ask for your recipie. Can't wait, hurry! I made mango and dragon fruit sorbet the other day, so easy and sooooo delish!

Blue Yonder said...

I love that you make and can relish solely for the benefit of loved ones! That's sacrificial love, right there :-)

LaRonda said...

Hi there. I'm just in awe over you! Your lifestyle seems so down to earth. Something I long for. Alas, living in the high tech area near the silicon valley in CA, life can just be too fast-paced.

When I want to go hug some trees, get my hands in the earth, follow a recipe, or teach my child about bugs and pigs and such, when I want that country-fair feeling, I always end up at your blog. It's like a vacation from the hustle and bustle here. I relish it! (Pardon the pun. ) ;)

~ LaRonda

jenny said...

DJ-- It's coming!! Hold your horses, dear! I'm working on the final touches!

I've never had dragon fruit. Heard of it but I have yet to come across it here. What does it tase like? Sounds yummy!

blue yonder-- I like to give homemade gifts and this is as homemade as it gets! Just give the empty jars back and you'll get more next time, is all I ask!

Laronda-- tee hee! I was going to use that pun, but I thought I was pushing it! I'm glad you said it!

I have never been to CA.. The farthest West I've been was Colorado. Someday... I'm a country girl at heart and I don't think I could leave the mountains! I'm pleased to know you like what I write about! I relish your visits and comments!! ;o)

gab said...

Oh good I was just going to ask for the recipe. I used to can all the time but havent found much time moving so much these last couple of years. But I have time to make me some Sweet Relish. I love relish but dont care for pickles. Well wait untrue I like sweet pickles but not dill.

Lantana said...

My mom never was much of a canner, but my dad always had a huge garden each year and he finally talked her into it.

She should have taken some lessons first!

She put quart jars of string beans IN THE OVEN to "process" them where they exploded! We had string beans everywhere, including on the ceiling! Not to mention the broken glass. I was just a little girl, around 5 years old, I think.

I enjoy canning, I use the cold water bath myself. I make "Dilly Beans". You can do the same with almost any veggie, including fresh carrots, asparagus and green peppers. They make lovely gifts!

Around this area people are picking Huckleberries to make jam with right now. My daughter, who works for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest tells us that the bushes are loaded with huckleberries this year!