Monday, March 2, 2009

Work In Progress..

So, I've never made a quilt before. I've sewn lots of things:: a robe, curtains, stuffed dolls and toys, pin cushions, tailored pants, dresses, bibs and burp cloths.. but never a quilt. I've bought fabric meant for a quilt, even cut up squares to make a quilt, but never actually began to sew one. I bought a quilt kit on my honeymoon, thinking that when we got home, I'd start sewing it and it would be on our bed in no time at all, and looking at it would remind us of our lovely honeymoon in the mountains. I ended up selling it.

The past few months, I have been really anxious to make a quilt. I see all the lovely quilts that other bloggers have made and get even more inspired to make one of my own. I've been searching for a pattern that I like, something that won't be too difficult for my first quilt, but I don't want an easy one either. Log cabin? Maybe the brick path? No... none of them seem right.

I've been gathering fabric here and there, saving the ones I really like and setting them aside. Last night I went crazy searching for my rotary cutter and mat (found the cutter in a basket on top of the craft closets and the mat in the cellar). I finally bit the bullet and started cutting into my stash and I'm going to make the quilt that is in my head-- no pattern, just what I am picturing in my mind.

It will be a little bit of this, a little of that and hopefully, in the end, it comes out the way I am imagining it. I've got a few strips sewn and I did the zig-zag bit this afternoon, while Hubby kept the kids at bay and even made lunch for us. He can appreciate the need to get something out of your head before it drives you crazy.

I like how it looks so far, and I hope I finish it and it doesn't get added to my pile of unfinished projects. That's partly why I am talking about it here... saying it out loud: I AM MAKING A QUILT! may give me the incentive to finish. :o)


lady macleod said...

Well done! Keep at it. I have a quilt that someone made for me years ago and I treasure it. And I attended a show once in NYC ( a million years ago) of quilts - wow! It was amazing, an art gallery was used and appropriately so - it is truly creative.
So keep at it!

Bobbi said...

Good luck on the quilt. I cannot sew worth beans. I just found your blog using one of those black boxes things. I love all the nice pictures and craft ideas you have one here. Check out my blog sometime if you want.

Lantana said...

There are many, many deaf quilters. I suggest that you Google Deaf Quilters to see what yoou can find. Good luck. A very admirable hobby!!