Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Roll, Roll, Roll (say it like Teri Garr)

In the spirit of keeping it real, I have a confession to make: I don't like to mop.

In the almost 4 years we have lived in this house, I have not ever mopped the whole entire floor.

Oh sure, I've spot-mopped. I sweep and I vacuum. I even get on my hands and knees and use a towel to wipe a large section of the floor. But I have not mopped the entire floor.

Until now.

I keep forgetting that with a dog, we have to adjust the way we do things. We can no longer leave plates on the counter unless we push them far away from the edge. We cannot leave a cup of liquid on the table unless we want it knocked over. We can't leave a sandwich and grab the mustard real quick, or else the sandwich will not be there when we get back.

The other day, we had pancakes for breakfast. Middle put her plate up on the counter, too close to the edge and I didn't see it. Too occupied with Baby and Youngest. By the time I went into the kitchen, it was too late, an overturned plate that was pushed around all over the kitchen floor by Maisie attempting to turn it over so she could lick the syrup. Now my whole kitchen floor was a sticky mess.

Someone please remind me why we got a dog again?

*sigh* I resigned myself to the mop and bucket. I dragged out the bucket. I filled it up with water; added vinegar and a few drops of essential oil- basil and lemon. Then I started mopping. And mopping. Maybe it was the scent of basil or the lemon. Whatever it was, something clicked inside of me and I had to mop another room.

I pushed all the furniture out of the dining room and mopped that floor.

Then I pushed all the furniture out of the living room and mopped in there, too.

I stood back and looked at my clean floors. I felt such a sense of satisfaction. I felt giddy. I wanted to lie down and enjoy my clean floor. Roll over and over and glide my hands over the floor and revel in the cleanliness of it. ~ahem~ I know, I'm talking about the floor.

Look, even Baby is happy with the clean floor. I can't let him crawl on a dirty floor, what would people think?

I'll be breaking out the mop and bucket a little more often. I haven't done the bedrooms yet and I am eyeing those floors next. Gardening season is here, and pretty soon there will be muddy footprints to mop up. oh joy!


Karen Mayes said...


I enjoy your posting. I HATE cleaning the bathrooms. Kids leave toothpaste goos on the sink and it is a pain in the neck for me to clean them. And the soap scum ring around the bathtub. Etc. Ugh. So a few days ago, I went to grocery and bought the cleaning supplies and cleaned the bathrooms out in one day...

Yup, I started the cool crops already outside on my balcony (cilantro, chives, and lettuces.) Plan on buying shelves to hold more pots... and pray that no Japanese beetles will attack them this coming summer...

i am very mary said...

I've been in this house for 7. I've mopped twice. The end.

Sparx said...

I love this - I hate mopping too but I LOVE it when it's done!!

Anonymous said...

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