Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Yesterday was a perfect Spring day..
slightly warm with just a bit of chill on the edges.
We spent part of the day outside, basking in the warm sunshine and reveling in the fact that Spring is a l m o s t here.

Youngest picked flowers,
her trusty friend Woody always at her side and dressed in her princess gown.

Oldest and Middle had races up and down the yard- note they were dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day.

And look! A sweet crocus popping out to say hello!

Any signs of Spring where you are?


Stephanie D. said...

I like your new header!

My hyacinths are blooming and so are the forsythia!

Sparx said...

Great pics - and the new header is lovely. We've got crocuses and daffodils and blossoms in the park... I love spring SOOOOO much!

Karen Mayes said...

Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons...

Rebirth... hope and a sense of awakening...nice!