Friday, March 6, 2009

Modern Bartering

My husband and I have been fortunate in our experience with consignment stores. I used to think consignment places were overpriced and filled with junk, until we moved close to one that happened to be next door to our favorite chinese food place. Looking in the windows every time we picked up our order, we saw that there was some really nice stuff in there. Long story short, we started consigning with them and we made some nice money selling old stuff.

Then we discovered used books and music stores. We got lucky with our timing and we got rid of most of our cassette tapes before stores stopped taking them. The same with our videos, we sold or traded in a lot of our movies on tape before it was too late.

We are now trying to get rid of most of our music CDs before places stop taking them. With the popularity of downloading music onto various devices, CD sales have gone way down and we are trying to make a little money off our music before they are worthless. I've been holding onto my music for sentimental reasons, even though I no longer listen to them, and I have been working up the courage to get rid of them (so not my husband's taste in music!!).

There's a great big used bookstore that we frequent, which also has a music and movie section, too. We often trade in our books, music and movies there and it's a good feeling to walk out with an armful of "new" books and movies without ever having to take out the wallet.

Because we cut off our satellite service, and there is no TV here in the mountains without it, we have been expanding our selection of movies. We check out movies at the Library and if there was a movie we saw that we really liked, we try and get it at the used bookstore.

A couple of weeks ago, the Hubby and I went through all our music, and we got rid of a bunch (almost all of mine!) where there was maybe one song on the whole disc we liked-- wrote the title and singer of the song, for future downloading (when we can afford to buy our own music device) and traded it in for store credit. You get more in store credit than cash, so we always opt for credit and then we turn around and get movies or books. The last trade-in brought us over $150 in store credit, so we have been having fun picking out movies to watch.

Movies are priced (depending on how recently released it was) between $2 - $9, and most of the time, if you wait a little longer, the prices drop even lower. Most of the movies we get average $5 and we can expand our library of movies really nicely that way. The place we go to has a really nice selection and we have picked up movies ranging from classics (Bullit, Hell In The Pacific) to children's (Spongebob, Mouse Hunt) to comedy (Porky's, Monster-in-Law) to romance (Music and Lyrics). Granted, they don't have it all, and sometimes it takes a while to find a particular title, but we don't mind waiting and usually in our hunt for something, we find something else we weren't looking for. So it all works out.

If you haven't been to one already, check your local directory for a used books or music store near you. You're recycling by trading in old movies and books and not buying new. Plus, you're keeping money in your pocket when you opt for store credit.


LS said...

for a year now, I swap my books for other used books through Only thing you have to pay is postage. When you give away your books you pay the postage depend requestor's distance address, and you receive credits for them.
You can browse books they post and simple request for it. Pronto! you have it free.

Lantana said...

I do the Paperbackswap too and you do not have to go to the post office, you can print your own postage. They have music, too, and I have received many hard cover books, real nice and clean. I spectified, "No smoke odor please" and no mold. So far I have been very lucky. I rec 2 of Obama's books in this way!

Good luck,


Deaf Pixie said...

Wow, Many thanks for information about reused book, I should have trade cookbook to paperbackswap. I told my daughter to use it and recycle of music and reuse book as trade book. Sound fun! I never thought about paperbackswap website.

I am going to tell my older sister who love to read bookworm inculding my daughter always go to library sometime.Such things they are always avoid to spend $$.

Deaf Pixie

Sparx said...

You're so good - I always buy second hand books and often music as well but I'm hanging on to my CDs... guess I'm a terrible old fogey. I still have some vinyl as well... antiques!!!