Friday, March 27, 2009

Is it time yet?

We had a bout of warm weather last week and we got quite a few garden preparations done. Then it went all chilly again and that just frustrates me like crazy. I wake up every morning and check the thermometer to see if it's above 40 yet, but no, it stays in the 40s the whole day.

During the warmer weather we had, we tilled the kitchen garden area we have outside the sunroom and dining room with a new (to us) tiller. We bought it from a friend for $75 and it runs perfectly. It did an amazing job and it isn't so heavy that I can't handle it. I thought we did a good job last year tilling the soil by hand and hoe, but the tiller uncovered a buried plant pot from the previous owners!

When I was pregnant last year, I planned for a smaller garden and planted tomatoes, snow peas and broccoli here. The corn, potatoes and peppers went in the bigger garden in the back field. This year, the kitchen garden will be mostly herbs and a couple of tomato plants for salads and snow peas. Can't wait to begin work on the bigger garden. Just waiting for a warmer day when we can hook up the big tiller to the tractor and start turning over the garden.

I've got serious garden envy when we head out and I see people's gardens already tilled over. Makes me want to turn around and head back home to do ours! We still have time though, and here in the panhandle of West Virginia, it just isn't time yet. Soon, though. Soon...

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lady macleod said...

STop teasing me with the cool weather! Cruel and heartless. Cruel and heartless!

Can't wait for photographs of the garden when it's in bloom.