Sunday, March 22, 2009

Inside Connections

There are advantages to my husband working at the Mall. He's the friendly sort, the kind of guy that can strike up a conversation with just about anybody. I love that about him. He has made friends out of a lot of the other people that work at the Mall: the security guard, other sales clerks from the shops, the janitors, even the regular Mall walkers.

Because of these friendships, he comes home full of new information about all kinds of things; interesting tidbits from conversations held with people of all ages and cultures; and sometimes, pretzels!

Oh, yes! Pretzels! The kind you find only at the Mall. The big, soft, warm kind of pretzels that cost an arm and a leg to buy. Mmmm, pretzels!

A friendship with the janitor has proven to be very smart, indeed! Turns out that the pretzel place does not throw away the extra unsold pretzels at the end of the day and instead, they give them away to the Mall workers. Mr. Janitor has connections to the pretzel place. One of the other workers told Husband that if he wanted free pretzels, talk to Mr. Janitor.
"Mr. Janitor, I hear you're the guy to talk to about pretzels."

"Why, you want some? How many you want? I can get you as many as you want."

Thus began our love affair with the pretzels.

The Husband only gets pretzels when he and Mr. Janitor work the evening shift. Then, just before closing and the Mall shuts down, here comes Mr. Janitor with a bag full of pretzels! Just the other night, Husband came home with 20 pretzels! Mmmm! What am I going to do with 20 pretzels? Well, freeze them, of course!

I got a Foodsaver for Christmas from my Dad and his Wife and I've been putting it to use, saving those extra pretzels in the freezer. (Thanks for the Foodsaver! I love it!)

Thanks to Mr. Janitor, we now have a nice stash of pretzels in our freezer. Inside information, it's priceless!


lady macleod said...

Love the new photograph. Ah yes, it's good to have connections. I'm pea green with envy that you have the pretzel connection - my connections have more to do with things that go boom. :-)

LaRonda said...

What a fun perk! Lucky you! Maybe there will be Cinnabons next?!

~ LaRonda

jenny said...

Lady M-- Sometimes it's nice to know someone that can make things go boom! Never know when that will come in handy! :o)

LaRonda-- Ooh cinnabons! No such place at the Mall where he works, darn it! Maybe that's a good thing-- I'd be eating the whole thing in one sitting if he brought home a box of cinnabons! :o)

i am very mary said...

Well, they're not pretzels, but you did win the buttons on my blog! Woot woot! Hit me with your snail mail, girl!

jenny said...

Very Mary!! I'm so excited to have won!! Thank you! Be right over!

Lisa C. said...

Cool. I would have done like these, too.