Thursday, March 19, 2009


I love the way Youngest holds onto those flowers.

The way her little fist tightly wraps around them, taking care not to drop any.

She is my nature girl.

Whenever we are outside, she has her nose to the ground,

searching out little bits of nature's treasures.

Fallen acorns or hickory nuts;

lost feathers or crinkly leaves;

flowers or pretty rocks.

She has her own drawer in our art cart and like a squirrel

she stashes away all her finds.

I've peeked in it and she has put in there

all her favorite little people characters

a vintage hot wheels car pilfered from Daddy's stash,

pictures her sisters drew;

and if I didn't know better, I would have cleaned it up

and thrown all her treasure bits away.

If only she could know,

she is my treasure.


Karen Mayes said...

I LOVE your poem!

And finally... a photo of flowering trees...

SPRING!!! I have had a stressful week so your blog just brightened my day. Many thanks.

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, made me cry. That is so beautifull, Jenny!

Make sure you save that for Youngest...she will treasure it when she is older.

Lantana said...

Yes, a most beautiful post, and finally some spring blossoms! You have an intelligent and precious family and we all enjoy your posts so much!


Sparx said...

Oh you did NOT just blank verse a poem to your youngest daughter... you rock!! Lovely.

Keri said...

Beautifully said! =D

jenny said...

Hey all-- I just wrote how I feel. Glad you liked it. :o) All of my kids are precious to me!

Happy Spring! xo