Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maybe We Should Have Named Him Kryptonite

Stopping at a yard sale last Friday, the goodies were lined all the way down the driveway towards the back basement of the house. My mom got to the bottom before I did and when I passed her on the way down, she told me, "don't go back there." "Why not?" I asked. "Free kittens", she said. Uh-oh. My weakness. My kryptonite. I had to peek and see what they had.
A cute female calico and a black male sat in the cage. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, and I proceeded to melt on the spot. Then worse, the lady let me hold one. That's it, I was a goner. Who can resist fluffy little kittens that lick the tips of your fingers and purr in your ears. Not I. But I thought of all the times Andrew and I said no more cats or dogs until the current ones are gone and I knew I wouldn't be able to bring these kittens home with me. I told the lady I'd love to have one, but I need to talk with my husband first.
Off we went to other yard sales and I was forcing the image of the kittens into the mental trash bin. I told myself if I was still thinking about them by the time I got home, I'd bring it up, otherwise, no more kittens. I was doing pretty good at resisting the kitten charms and just about closed the lid on the mental trash bin, until we got home and the minute my mom saw Andrew, she opened her mouth and blurted, "free kittens!" I ended up telling Andrew about the kittens and mentioned there was a black kitten-- his kryptonite.
Well, to make a long story short, Andrew surprised me by letting me get a kitten. Here's the newest member of the family:

He is a most spoiled kitten, with the kids constantly fighting for their turn to hold Percy. He has made himself quite at home, already learning where to find his food and his litter; already figured out which kid to RUN from and which one will lovingly cradle him in her arms; already claiming a spot on our bed at night. He's a good kitty and has made friends with Maisie the dog and seems to know BC the cat is not quite ready to be best buds just yet.

Percy is meant to be my cat, and I'm happy to share him with the family.

Thanks, honey, for letting me get him. You're the best! xoxo



Ron said...

I caved into the kryptonite earlier this year, too. Yep, free kitten at a garage sale. :)


Cheyenne said...

What a "feel good" story this is. Thanks for making my day. Kittens and cats are the best, aren't they?

Stephanie D said...

Oh, I have a soft spot for black kittens, too!

But I hate litter boxes, so I don't think I'll cave anytime soon.

Keri said...

Very cute kitty! My son's been talking about wanting not 1, not 2 but THREE cats. Ugh. We currently have none-just have one dog and the chicks. The idea of adding another animal is too much right now but maybe later down the road we will come across free kittens at a garage sale just like you did! ;)

DJ Kirkby said...

Percy is adorable. So happy for you.