Monday, September 27, 2010


7 days in a row, we went out somewhere and I am tired. Sunday, I wanted to head into the big town and pick up a few things that were on sale and since Andrew was working and Mom wanted to come, too, that meant all the kids needed to come with us. Gretchen was dragging her feet and taking forever to get her clothes on and when I tried to help her, she burst into tears and said she was tired of going bye-bye and wanted to stay home. I told her that today would be the last time we go out and we'd stay home for the rest of the week and she wouldn't need to go anywhere. She finally picked up the pace on putting her clothes on and we got out the door and on our way. I did have to run out this morning to return Library movies and a quick stop at the food store, but other than that, I have absolutely no plans to go anywhere this week!

Mama Hen and her babies are doing so good! It really helped having some hot days last week and I didn't need to use the heat lamp at all. The babies are getting big and I'm glad I was able to get them into a pen to protect them from pecking roosters. Andrew and I were talking about making a permanent pen next to the coop for future chicks, and also as a holding area for chickens that need to be butchered. With the rain, I've had to come up with a make-shift roof made from tarp that's not exactly the best thing, but it works. Something more permanent would be nice.

Speaking of roosters, my uncle is coming down on Wednesday to help me butcher the 5 that need to go. Finally! I hope after the roosters are gone, the ladies will come out of the coop and forage in the woods and around the yard again. I miss seeing the yellow Buffs and the Black and White Speckled ones around. They got tired of being sexually accosted by the roosters all the time, and they took to staying inside the coop. I'll have just the one rooster that does his job at keeping the ladies in line, but also smart enough not to peck me and the kids.

We have finally got some much needed rain! It's been raining just about 24 hours now; a nice, light rain and you can just hear the ground, trees and grass gulping it all down. Supposed to keep up into Tuesday and I must say, I love when it rains. It gets all grey and misty-looking, the air smells clean and fresh, the grass is all shiny and bright... Rainy days are the best!

I totally failed the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I was supposed to devote an hour every day to do something related to making clothes for the kids. Well, as I said above, we went out the whole week, and when we go out, it usually throws the whole schedule out of whack and then you spend the rest of the day, after returning home, playing catch-up. By the time the kids go to bed, I have something else that needs to be done that I didn't do earlier so the kids clothes went on the back burner. I still plan to make jammies for the kids and I want to recycle some clothing into clothes for the kids, I'll just do it on my own time.

All the go, go, going has really worn us down, to the point where we haven't been our best today. There's been a little bit too much snapping at each other and patience has been thin. It doesn't help when the kids aggravate things by not listening when you tell them to do something or make a huge mess in the bathroom with water all over the counter and the floor. Can't shoo them outdoors because of the rain, so it's been kind of a rough day for all of us. Hopefully, after a good night's sleep, we'll all feel better tomorrow.

Good Night!


lady macleod said...

BREATHE! Randy roosters eh? That alone is worth a laugh my friend.

jenny said...

Lady M-- AT least the roosters aren't like dogs, trying to hump my leg! :o)