Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gift Idea

Thanks for all the GREAT Birthday comments!
I had a really good birthday, spent the day with my family
and I didn't have to cook or do the dreaded dishes!
My Father-In-Law and I both have birthdays in September, so we had a double birthday party for the two of us a couple weeks ago. When we asked Andrew's Mom what he wanted for his birthday, she said that he'd be happy with his favorite candy-- caramel creams and licorice. I didn't think it was enough, so the kids and I made up a batch of oatmeal-apple cookies to go in the gift bag. But what to put the cookies in? Well the container the oatmeal came in was pretty nifty, and the label peeled right off, which left a nice, white cylinder to play with-- why not? So out came the permanent markers and I got busy decorating it:

To personalize it a bit, Andrew went through his old photos and we copied this one then glued it on the container. It's an old pix of his dad on a ferry and his mom put one of those conversation stickers above the guy next to his dad-- looks like he's not feeling too good. The sticker says, "Don't bother me now!" and then I wrote underneath: I'm tossing my cookies! I've got a sick sense of humor, I know! :o)

Below the picture, I wrote the ingredients: Dash of kisses, Lots of Hugs, Little bit of this, Little bit of that. Calories: Absolutely zero & guilt free!

Good to the last crumb! Yum yum!

What are you looking under here for? Nothing to see- move along!


I had fun drawing on this and he got a good laugh out of it when he took it out of the bag. I thought it was a good way to recycle a perfectly nice container and I have saved the other oatmeal containers for future gifts. Christmas is around the corner, so I can use them for the holiday goodies I like to make and give as gifts. Just thought I'd share the idea.



Johnna Sutton said...

Great Idea! I LOVE cookies I've never made oatmeal/apple, they sound yummy!

Juli said...

Jenny!!!! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to a fantastic friend I met in High School. I'm so glad we've been friends ever since! Thanks for all the long talks when we do chat! :) HUGS!!!!

jenny said...

Johnna-- Oatmeal-apple is easy.. follow your usual oatmeal cookie recipe and instead of raisins, use dried apples. I like to dry apples in the dehydrator two ways-- thin and crispy like chips, or thick and chewy like raisins. I take the thick and chewy ones, chop them up a little bit and throw it in the cookie dough then bake as usual. Yummy!

Juli-- Thanks sweetie! As I recall, your birthday is just around the corner, too.. Sept 28th right??? Can you believe it's been 23 years since we met? Man oh man! that's a long time! :o) Glad we've kept in touch all these years! xo