Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Totally Random Tuesday

Would you believe I scored this totally rockin' cake cover for only a buck?! The yellow on the top is the color of my dining room walls-- exactly! Totally meant for me!!

Very Mary, of Very Mary Designs, had a 'Freebie Friday' contest and asked fellow bloggers to spill their guts on the worst party experience, ever! Thankfully, no one actually spilled their guts, but there were plenty of horror stories. The prize was this totally cool, vintage 'Party Encyclopedia' from 1960! Complete with details on how to decorate, recipes for mixed drinks and appetizers and even jokes!!

This was my entry for suckiest party moment:: "Lived at the beach for the summer with 2 other girls. one girl invited a bunch of college kids to our apartment for a party without asking the other roommates. came home to a house full of underaged freshmen students and a small handful of ex-high school classmates. trying to be gracious, I grab a beer and start talking. *sniff sniff* what smells? I look to see brown footprints leading from the front door to the kitchen. I follow footprints to the poopy shoes of a VERY drunk underaged freshman who threw up/pooped outside then stepped in it and brought it into our apartment. Party OVER! Freshman wanted to sleep on my couch along with 20 other people. uh, no? Spent rest of night on knees scrubbing floor with bleach."

I was the runner-up winner, because the first winner didn't claim her prize. Such a nifty book and the husband and I are having fun comparing notes! Thanks Very Mary!!

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