Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Happy Ending!

Good news! Pretty Miss Kitten has found a home!

My sister was here with her family last week and it was an absolute joy to have them here! We got caught up on all our family news and just spent time with each other. Our kids played together wonderfully, except when it came to whose turn it was to hold the kitten next.

My sister and I both have weak spots for kittens and she was amazed at how tolerant this kitten was at being held by the kids. It accepted be carried every which way; upside down, by the neck, in the middle and being smothered by loving chubby arms. Her husband on the other hand, didn't really want to bring home another cat and would have preferred an orange one, but he was finally convinced when he saw the girls dressing the kitten in doll clothes and not making a fuss about it.

So while my girls are sad to see the kitten go, I am happy that she will be loved by my sister and her family. And the girls can see the kitten whenever my sister and I talk on the videophone and when we go down to visit.

It never fails to amaze me when I go through the garden and pick the goodies that are ready. To see food that *I* grew and nourishes my family. Finally, I am getting enough tomatoes to start canning them and I hope I'll have enough to last through the winter. The potatoes were from store-bought potatoes that sprouted and just for fun, I planted them, not really expecting anything. They all grew and I am so excited! I'll definitely be planting more potatoes next year!

I also made and canned a batch of pear butter from the pears in our yard. The deer have eaten all the pears from the bottom branches before I could get to them, so I was only able to pick about 20 that were ripe. It was just enough for one batch. Still some pears left, so I hope there will be enough for another batch, otherwise, I'll be eating the pear butter slowly.

I am already dreaming of next year's garden!


D-HOR said...

You're totally hooked on the garden, so cool ! :)

In the ghetto this year I actually managed to grow basil, tomatoes, green beans, swiss chard, peas, hot peppers (lol) and sunflowers. You'd be amazed what will grow in a pot. OMG Jenny My sunflowers are huge and I'm getting ready to harvest the seeds.


And how COOL about the potatoes right? Rock out!!

Unknown said...

Great that you have sorted the kitten dilemma!

Well done on the tomatoes! - this is a very sore point in our house. something about me letting betty pick them all before they were ripe, and then playing with them, squashing them, losing them...

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Great news about the kitty! I can't believe you got so many spuds from your store ones, that is great. We say Next Year alot around here too. It is fun to look forward to though...