Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 4: Meal Week at Mountain Mama!

Those egg rolls make you hungry for more?? Here's my version of Beef stir-fry with mixed vegetables.

I'm using baby corn, broccoli, carrots, onions (not pictured) and green peppers this time. You can adjust to include any other vegetables you want-- mushrooms, red peppers, sliced celery, bean sprouts, cabbage, chinese chestnuts, bamboo shoots, even cooked cubed potatoes!

While you are chopping up your veggies, get your rice started. I use long grain rice which takes about 20 minutes to cook. You can use brown rice or instant rice, it's your pick.

Let's make the sauce you need for the stir-fry. A meal for 4-6 people will use the amounts I'm about to give you. Feel free to halve it or double it. There's those missing onions!

3/4 c water

1 beef bouillon cube (use chicken if you make chicken stir fry)

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tsp sugar

1 tbsp corn starch

2 garlic, minced

combine and whisk together then set aside.

Cut your beef into thin strips. This is one 8 oz. steak, which is plenty for 4-6 people. Add more if you like it meaty, or take it out altogether for a veggie stir-fry.

Cook your meat in a wok or large pan.

When it is almost done, throw in the onions and cook until browned.

Add in the vegetables! Stir and cook on med-high heat about 5 minutes.

Pour the sauce you made and cook until the sauce thickens and the smell overpowers you and you can't take it anymore and you just gotta pick out a piece of broccoli and eat it.

Lovingly ladle it onto the rice and serve it with an egg roll. Delish!

Those egg rolls freeze well, so if you make a whole lot like I do, freeze some and then re-heat in the oven at 375* for about 15 minutes or so.


barefoot gardener said...

I just gotta say "I Love You" for doing this series of posts...I was just trying to get the energy together to sift through all those egg roll recipes out there on the net, and you have saved me the trouble. ;)

Man, now I have a craving for that chinese......

Lantana said...

Sounds great. I always slice my steak on the diaognal(spl??) and very thin, it is alot more tender that way. (Kind of like cutting out a dress on the "bias".

My DH never cared for rice, so I experimented with different kinds of noodles. Once I decided to use Angel Hair pasta and and crunched it up in the package before I opened it and then spilled it all over the floor! I still find Angel Hair here and there when I am cleaning! I have not purchased Angel Hair since!!

Do you raise your own broccoli? You have not tasted broccoli until you have it home-grown. It tastes better than candy!

Thanks for sharing. I guess my stir fry days are over, but perhaps I can do it for my guests if they do not mind my spending so much time in the kitchen!

Hugs, Lantana

Wendy said...

And this! My husband loves the beef stir-fry, and that's usually what he gets. I think this will go nicely with the eggrolls.

Now, to find a ginger string bean recipe for me ... :).

Lisa C. said...

Thanks for giving us a great cooking class! I'll try that.
We stopped eating out and I feel much healthier by eating at home. My husband had lost a lot of weight and is happy with it.

D-HOR said...

Jenny!! OH!! How lovely! You make your OWN egg rolls!?! This is SO COOL!! It looks just like from the chinese place - but actually fresh! OH OH OH *hand raised* Do you know how to make the chinese rice? C. and I LOOOOOVVVVVEEE chinese but I haven't the slightest how to make anything but crab rangoons (have you made them at home? Do you like them? They're so GOOD and easy!! I'll share if you like!)

Anyways I've bought the chinese rice making packets before but it never turns out tasty like from the resturaunt. Or do you always use white rice??

I love LOVE your cooking!!! You're a lot like the PW and she's my fav for cooking - but she's never made chinese!! :)

Thank You for sharing :)

Wendy said...

Psst! When you get a sec, come over for a visit. I have something for you ;).

jenny said...

Barefoot-- You're welcome! I am always trying to find recipes to make my own version of things, because for one, we live in the middle of nowhere, and two, the closest restuarant that's NOT fast food is more than 45 minutes away. Besides, I take comfort in knowing what is in my food and how it is cooked.

Lantana-- I planted my own broccoli for the first time this year, and some bugs beat me to it! I have one survivor that is fighting and I hope I'll be able to try garden-fresh broccoli soon!
Sometimes I use ramen noodles instead of rice, did you ever try that?

Wendy-- Beef stir fry is my fave, too! I like more veggies than beef, but it's gotta be in there for that flavor! Don't have a ginger string bean recipe to share.. When I do, I'll let ya know!

Lisa-- my hubby used to get heartburn all the time after we ate out, so I started to make more foods at home and now he rarely gets heartburn anymore, only when he eats something really spicy.

Dhor-- I like crab rangoons and would love to have your recipe! The hubby doesn't care for crab, but I like it now and then.

I make good fried rice but I'm still using the store-bought spice mix for that. I haven't figured out a totally scratch recipe for that one yet. The trick to fried rice is using cooked rice that is already cold. If I make rice for some other meal, I'll make extra rice and save it for making fried rice later. I still need to figure out measurements of the spices to make fried rice without the spice mix. When I do.. I'll post that one, too. :o)

Wendy-- I'll be right over!