Friday, August 1, 2008

Big Blue Bridge

The county we live in has slowly been replacing many of the small bridges on all the country roads around here. One by one, the old bridges get demolished, first one lane, then the other. The roads are so rural that they don't even have someone to stand and hold up the east-bound traffic so the west-bound traffic can go past. We just look to be sure no one is coming, then cross into the opposite lane and go over the bridge.

The replacement bridges are sturdier but have no character. I suppose, though, with all the broken down bridges that are falling all over the place, I should be happy that the old bridges are being replaced.

Then I read recently that they were going to replace the big, blue bridge right outside of town. I love that bridge! I knew I would have to take a picture of it before it was gone. It is one of those old steel girder type bridges before concrete and steel rods took over. It was hard finding a spot to take pictures, since there is no shoulder to pull over and there is a steady stream of traffic coming and going, so I can't stand in the middle of the road, either.

Here, a view of the bridge from underneath. We discovered that it is allowed for people to come here and fish or take a boat on the water. We'll be back later!

This is the closest I could get of the bridge without getting run over by a speeding truck.

The girls had a great time under the bridge. It was fun throwing rocks into the water. Lots of flat rocks-- perfect for skipping stones across the water!

I know with the passage of time, things break down or get worn with use and almost nothing stays the same. That's why pictures are nice. They remind us of the way things were and how we cannot go back to the old days.

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Lantana said...

How interresting for you. The background in your pictures reminds me of where my daughter lives in Concord, Va. Near Lynchburg. Same kind of scentery and type of trees, etc. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we still have a few covered bridges left. In fact in a town near our farm they have a yearly "Covered Bridge Festival". Your posts are always interesting, no matter what the subject. When do you unveil hubby? He must have darker hair, from looking at your oldest girl. I am searching for clues. heh, heh.