Monday, August 11, 2008

Exciting News!

I have an article published in an online magazine! Kiss Fist magazine is a wonderful read-- full of gorgeous photos, bits of quotes and poetry, a few articles and stories. All of the contributors are Deaf and what's even nicer is I know a lot of them from school or other events, and one of the contributors is my cousin!

For my hearing readers, 'kiss fist' is a sign language slang term. You literally kiss your fist stating that you love something. For example, in sign language: I really 'kiss fist' this book I'm reading.

There is a wonderful series of black and white photos that illustrate signs peppered here and there in the magazine. I was so excited to see them and my husband agrees, it's a great way to help someone understand why a word is signed a certain way. On the cover is a photo illustrating the sign for smoking. There is a photo illustrating the sign for high heels. Just go and see for yourself!

I am so excited to be a part of this magazine. It's brand new and this is only their second issue, and I predict they will go far! Are you still here?? Go! Shoo! Then come back and tell me what you think!


Wendy said...

I think congratulations are in order! A published writer ;) - I have to admit to a bit of envy :).

jenny said...

Wendy-- Coming from the lady that was interviewed and had her picture in the newspaper!! Thanks! I'm tickled pink about it! :o)

Karen Mayes said...

Congratulations! ;o)

raychelle said...

congratulations! and congratulations again! check yourself out here:

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Leslie said...


I've been reading your blog for a while now, I live in West Virginia too. (Hurricane, near Huntington). I enjoyed your article and it really made me remember my Grandma's junk drawer. For some reason I remember rolls and rolls of electrical tape, and it smelled like rubber bands. She even used to save the bags that the newspapers came in. She also had Junk Shoe Boxes, filled to the rim with odds and ends, but she rarely had to run out and buy things for repairs, she normally had them on hand. Thanks for the inspiration to save things I normally throw away. Congratulations on your article!

DJ Kirkby said...

Congratulations. I have favorited Kiss-Fist and also will add a link on my blog. I loved your article, I too have a junk drawer (or two).

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Congratulation Jenny, now more people can read the wonderful thoughts we have been reading on your blog!

Just for the record, I hope you have success finding a new doctor that understands that nursing a baby is not necessarily going to produce the weight gain that formula will. You are a great mother - you're not fattening hogs, you are raising healthy children. Best of Luck on finding a good doctor.

Alynn~ said...

Thanks to Eco Deaf and Kiss-Fist Magazine, I was led to your website and I must say, I'm in awe! Your stories are great and I enjoy reading them! :-)

Patty Keen said...

Congratulations Jenny!

Wouldn't you know it girl! You are an inspiration to many other people. You inspired me many times to save my money by not tossing out my clothes that were either too tight or too big. Some clothes were so worn out in some places but I saved them as they were good for fabric pieces.

Last night I whipped up an apron using a piece from an old denim shirt. You are a constant source of inspiration!

jenny said...

Karen-- Thanks!

Rayc-- :o) Thanks 2x! I'll work on a bio soon!

Leslie-- Welcome!! Thanks for de-lurking! I remember lots of electrical tape, too! Those newspaper bags come in handy- perfect for little bits of trash, used kitty litter, or car trash bags. Come on back now!

DJ-- Thanks! I'm so excited! Hopefully this will lead the way to bigger things! :o)

Trapper-- Thank you! I like how you said that-- "not fattening hogs"! So true! I told the pediatrician today that we would not use their services anymore. Such an empowering feeling, doing that.

Alynn-- Welcome!! Glad you're here. I hope you continue to come back and visit!

Patty-- Thanks! Aww *blush* I'm glad I could inspire you to find uses for other things, though I think you do a good job of that with your prims. Did you post about your "new" apron? I'll come over and see! :o)