Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Storm Project

Sure enough, Saturday night we got hit with an ice storm and we woke up to an icy winter wonderland. It quickly warmed up and with all our trees, it looked like it was raining. When a hard gust of wind blew, all the melted ice came flying off the branches and I sure wouldn't have wanted to be standing underneath when that happened!

We spent the day indoors painting Santas. A few years ago, my Dad was getting heavy into his wood carving and after carving, my stepmom would paint them. I guess they got lots of comments on their work, so they decided to take some of Dad's carvings to a company that will copy and make "blanks" so Dad wouldn't have to make repeat carvings of the same thing. Stepmom would set up an assembly line and paint and then they took their work on the road to different craft shows to sell their wares. Before they moved, they needed to downsize and they gave us several boxes of blank santas: ornaments, light bulb santa heads (above) and full body Santas. So, we spent the afternoon painting Santa heads and will give them out as presents.

I have another project to do with the girls today. Making salt-dough ornaments! Oldest has been bugging me to paint some more, and I really don't want to drag out all the paints again so I'm hoping she will be happy with making salt-dough ornaments. I thought that they would make cute little gifts for their cousins and we can save the Santa heads for family gifts. I need to scour the internet for a recipe for salt-dough and then I'll post pictures of our finished ornaments in my next posting.

Have a good Monday!


IndianaJones said...

These are so cute. I particularly like the milti-colored tiedyed looking one...too fun.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I used to have a salt dough recipe. If you can't find one, I'll try to dig mine out. By the way I've tagged you.

DJ Kirkby said...

Those santa heads are wonderful!

Unknown said...

Hi.. can you email me with your mailing address? Would like to send you a little check. you don't know me but I enjoy reading your blogs. I don't have kids of my own BUT I know how hard it must be.... please email me: jonas at eyethstudios dot com.

Lisa C. said...

I'd like to buy one of these. Are they for sale?

jenny said...

Summer-- It was lots of fun and the time just flew by! It's easy to see who painted the multicolored ones! The girls have that great imagination while I'm sort of anchored down with the traditional way of how Santa is "supposed" to look!

Coffee-- I found several and picked what I thought would work. It was a success and pictures are coming soon!

Dj-- Thanks! They were fun to paint!

Jane-- I have been overwhelmed with everyone's kind words and encouragement and your offer of sending a check just blows me away. Thank you for your generousity and for thinking of me and my family. :o)

Lisa-- I can sell them.. There are more blanks to paint and I can paint more for family members. I'll do a post next and offer up some of the Santas.