Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santas For Sale!

Alright folks! Here are the Santa Heads that are for sale. These were carved by my Dad, then copied into a resin mold by a company and then painted by me. This is an original design by my dad and he does great wood carvings. I don't claim to be a professional painter, and I like to think I picked up a few tips and hints from my stepmom over the years. She is an outstanding painter in both acrylics and watercolor and I should also mention that these Santa heads are painted with acrylic paints.

They are for sale for $20 each, which includes shipping (within the 48 states, please). If you are interested, leave me your email address and I will send you the information you'll need to pay via Paypal. I will take a check, but that means it'll take longer to send out to you. I'm sorry these won't get to you by Christmas, unless I am able to mail this on Friday (tomorrow) and then you should get it maybe on Monday. Depends on the Post Office!

They stand about 5 inches tall (some of the measurements vary but on average, they're about 5 inches). They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Tell me which one you want and I will put a "SOLD" note next to it.

Santa number 1. Dark red hat with gold star accents SOLD

Santa number 2. Light green hat SOLD

Santa number 3. Yellow hat with holly all around

Santa number 4. Red hat with gold polka dot accents SOLD

Santa number 5. Plain red hat

Santa number 6. Green hat with gold polka dot accents

Santa number 7. Candy cane hat SOLD

Santa number 8. Red hat with Holly leaf accent SOLD


DJ Kirkby said...

I would like 1, 2 and 7 please. I will happily pay the extra for the overseas shipping and go ahead send it by surface as they will keep nicely for next year! So don't rush to the post office, enjoy Christmas first.

DJ Kirkby said...

p.s. can you make number 2's hat green with some glitter? N3S adores glitter!

Lisa C. said...

I'll take #8.

jenny said...
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Sparx said...

Could I have number 4? let me know how to do the paypal thing and what the postage is to the UK.

jenny said...

Sparx- Number 4 is yours! I'll head down to the post office on Monday to find out the postage.. will let you know.