Thursday, January 27, 2011

Year of the Tooth:: Extended

You know how sometimes you think things aren't so bad and then boom! along comes something to make you change your mind? Yeah, you've jinxed things by thinking that.

A few days ago, after that snowfall we had, the one where we sledded and had lots of fun with, then conveniently melted away the next day. That was easy. I thought that we had gotten away with Winter's wrath, compared to last year when we got pounded with snowstorm after snowstorm. So far, all we had gotten was little bits here and there that quickly disappeared almost as fast as it came.

I should have kept my mouth shut.

We got pounded yesterday and ended up with over 10 inches of wet, heavy snow. The kind that sticks in clumps to the branches, bending them over nearly double. The kind that you better shovel as it falls or else it's too heavy when it's all said and done.

And I had an appointment for the dentist this morning to get a tooth pulled.

Lucky us, I didn't jinx us too bad. Our super swell neighbor came by with his tractor last night and plowed our driveway for us. My Mom got the 4x4 fixed so we had a way to get out of our steep, slippery slope and to the dentist's office. The dentist's office was open, despite the whole county shutting down. Yes, lucky me!

And good-bye terrible tooth that had been bothering me for quite some time, waking up to shoot my nerves with every bite of something sweet, or something hot, or even worse, something cold. I'd do the head shaking dance trying to get my tooth to settle down and after awhile, using sensitive toothpaste, gargling with warm salt water and popping pain pills just wouldn't do the trick anymore.

The dentist let me keep my terrible tooth and I'm using it as a lesson for the kids-- to brush their teeth often and well so they don't need to visit the dentist with terrible teeth, too. In all my years of going to the dentist, I've never been sent away with a clean bill of health. I've always had a cavity or two, a crack or chip. Once, I had 6 cavities to be filled when I was little!

I need to take care of the teeth I have left-- I'm afraid I'll end up with false teeth one day, and I'll play jokes on the grandchildren and leave my falsies in the water glass or give them gummy kisses and they'll remember me on my deathbed as the granny with no teeth.

Maybe I'll hang the terrible tooth in the bathroom as a reminder to the kids to brush brush brush! Or maybe not-- ew.

Take it from me and my terrible tooth: Brush your teeth! And don't forget to floss!


Cheyenne said...

We ended up with 11.6 inches. That's the biggest one so far this season. I hate it when I have to shovel after every snowfall just to get to the back of the house to feed the outside cats.
Our neighbor has a backhoe with a snowplow and he always cleans our driveway so at least I don't have to shovel that.

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- It's snowing again here.. snow on top of snow. I have to shovel to the chicken coop and also shovel a little area for them to stand and have their gathering or else they'll walk the path I just shoveled and hang out on the back stoop and leave chicken poop everywhere. I'm so glad I put the coop where I did, or else I'd have to shovel allllllll the way to the garden area and that's a long way to shovel!

Neighbors with snowplows are such a blessing! :o)

Ron said...

That snow goes from being pretty and fun to annoying awfully fast. I sure hope we've seen the last of it for this season...


jenny said...

Ron-- Yes, I know what you mean-- especially when it starts to melt and everything gets all muddy and slushy. Yuck! We're forecasted for another big storm in the next few days.. wait and see. The snow we have now hasn't even begun to melt yet, and I am ever so grateful for the 4x4.. regular cars just can't make it up the driveway.