Sunday, January 16, 2011

Losing Steam

I might be losing my blogging mojo. After over 600 posts, what else is there to write about? I feel like I'm always talking about my children, or chickens, or couponing, or me, me, me. I have moments when I want to write something, but end up staring at a blank screen, the cursor blink-blink-blinking at me. I have too many unfinished posts to mention-- stuff I started to write, then losing my train of thought and it didn't make sense anymore.

I blame my new camera, partly, for the lag in blogging. I don't like the way the pictures come out compared to my old camera and so the new camera just sits, collecting dust. I prefer to post with pictures, so when there are no recent pictures taken, the ideas for posts seem to evaporate. That's what I get for ordering a cheap camera online without testing it out and getting to hold it in my own hands before purchasing. Maybe if I can set aside enough money for a better camera, I can give the camera I don't like to the kids. Evelyn has been asking for a camera, and she'll be 9 this summer.. wait and see.

I haven't gotten comments from readers much lately, and that kind of gets to me, too, just a little bit. I know I am writing for me and someday for my kids to read, but I still enjoy hearing from people who read what I write. I wrote a few posts that I thought for sure would garner some interesting comments and I would check back eagerly expecting lots of response and getting nothing instead. Not even a spammer comment.

Is there something I can interest you with? What would you like for me to talk about? Anything I've wrote about before that you want to hear more of? Any burning questions you want to ask? I'm game to answer most questions if you have any. Feel free to ask and maybe I can have a Q&A post in the near future.

Being in the dead of winter now, there isn't too much for me to write about. We're mostly indoors, sometimes fighting cabin fever, and there isn't a whole lot going on right now. With the excitement of the Holidays past, it feels like a waiting game now: waiting for warmer weather to get here so we can head outdoors again; waiting for garden season to begin; waiting for certain days to get here for various appointments or events; waiting for the next paycheck so we can get this or that.

I'm thinking of doing a photo series, forcing myself to use my camera and get used to it. Winter seems so drab and bare and I know there is beauty to be found if one takes the time to look for it. Just this morning on my way out, I spotted two bright blue birds (blue jays maybe? they flew so fast I couldn't tell) chase each other in flight and the color was such a jolt to a dreary gray day. Maybe playing around with the camera will be just the thing I need to break the feeling of dread I get when I pick it up.

It may be quiet here for a little bit, unless I get some fresh inspiration or maybe I get some enthusiastic response telling me you like what I have to say. I have some birthday photos I need to post, and another lost tooth post to write, but other than that...


Ron said...

Silence is hard to deal with. With blogging or most other electronic communication, you don't get to see people nodding their heads or smiling. Or reacting in any other way, for that matter.

It sure is nice to see the birds flitting around again. We've been seeing quite a lot lately.


Cheyenne said...

Don't feel so bad. I am at a deadend too these days. It's this cold weather, so gray, so blah. The only color we have going on outside is the cats. Soon it will be Spring and lots more to talk about.

Karen Mayes said...

Blame it on winter. You could take a break from blogging and when daffodils start peeking through snow/dirt, you could start writing again.

I have my own blog which I have not kept with it lately... ~shrug~

Other than that, I LOVE your blog.

jenny said...

Ron-- Well there you are!! I haven't seen hide nor hair of you in a while. After you folded up your old blog, I couldn't find you. Good to hear from you again! :o)

You're right about silence.. I like hearing feedback about what I write and if it's worth writing about. How would I know unless readers respond. I have that visiter counter so I know people are stopping by, but no comments make me a little bit sad.

Cheyenne-- Us, too, with the cats we have outside, but mostly they hunker down by the food table. I usually love winter but it seems to be a little harder on me this time around-- could be I'm just anxious to get started on Spring things.

Karen-- It's good to hear you enjoy my blog. I may post a little less often, take a break for a bit, but my mind is really never far from my blog. I'll be doing something and think, "This would be a good blog post.." I just have to fiddle around with that dang camera! :o)

Kevin said...

No need to despair. We're all feeling the long days of winter. I'm sure there are many, like myself, who look each day to see what you may have written, but have never commented. As to content, maybe go back and read your own profile. It seems that what to write about is whatever you feel like. After all, it is your blog... :}

jenny said...

Kevin-- your comment made me smile. Thanks for reminding me what my blog is about. And thanks for popping up and saying "hello". :o)

raychelle said...

i know the feeling. i haven't blogged in a long while, but please know i absolutely love reading yours. :)

Marin said...

Oh, please don't stop blogging! You're the first of all blogs I'd check everyday on DeafRead! I've always looked forward and enjoyed reading your life's adventures regarding your kids and all. Beside that, I love to learn something new from you whether it's gardening, saving $$, creative projects and so forth. On behalf of others, thank you for sharing parts of your life, tidbits and many more! I look forward to reading more down the road for however long you blog as possible!

Respectively yours,


Amandeep said...
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Amandeep said...

I read your blog regularly, and love what you write!
But i often feel that my words of appreciation can't do justice to your beautiful posts, so prefer to stay quiet... :)

jenny said...

Raychelle-- Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate you coming by now and then. :o)

Shermay-- Thanks for all the kind words for my blogging. Even though I write for me, it's still nice to hear from others and get feedback or comments. I'll keep blogging, but as others have said, I think it's partly the winter blues to blame for my blogging blahs. :o) Thanks for commenting! :o)

Amandeep-- Thank you for your comment. I do hope you'll leave comments in the future, whether you think your words are adequate or not. Just saying "hi" is nice, too! :o) Hi!

barefoot gardener said...

I think we are all struggling. I hit the 1000 post mark today, and lately it has been so much work to find something to write about! Throw in computer issues, modem issues, and the fact that I am really trying to get the house under control, and I don't really get to spend much time at all with my beloved blogs.... don't lose heart, dearie. We are still here, and we still love to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Coming in late. Jenny, your blog is one of my favorites. I like the down to earth approach with stories of your country life and your family. You have the life I hope to have some day: life in the country.

As a blogger in hiatus, I find it helpful if I respond to others in the comment sections. That usually gets me some responses. But with four kids, a house, gardening, canning, cooking, and crafts, I don't know if you have the time or energy. Please don't stop blogging :)


Sugar said...

Keep on bloggin!

Johnna Sutton said...

hello fellow breeder! My computor crashed a few months ago and I just got it fixed. I know you have missed me;)

jenny said...

Barefoot-- 1000 posts?!? Wow! I shouldn't complain... Maybe I'm afraid that someday, when my kids read my blog, they'll think, "Mama's boring, all she talks about is us kids, chickens, and gardening!" Shoot.. wait til they read my diary from my teen years!! yikes!

Life does get in the way sometimes, and I appreciate when anyone can come by and read and take the time to leave a comment. Thanks sweetie! :o)

Mishka-- I guess what seems tired and same-old, same-old to me is interesting to others. Sometimes I just need to step away and come back with fresh eyes and perspective. And it doesn't hurt I'm getting some very nice comments from everyone! It's great encouragement for me! :o) Thanks for coming by and reading what I have to say and I'll certainly try to respond to comments better. :o)

jenny said...

Sugar-- I will!! :o)

Johnna-- Fellow breeder?!?! LOL! You make me laugh!! I have missed you and wondered where you disappeared to! You definitely have a way with words! :o) Now that your computer is fixed I expect more postings from you! :o)

Stephanie D. said...

Sorry, my bad! I read your blog whenever there's a new post in my reader, but most of the time I'm at work and have to choose between leaving comments or reading more posts. As I'm behind about 200 posts right now, you can guess what I usually choose. Besides, if we didn't like your posts, your counter would be down to nil also, right?

Since I almost never go back to posts once I've left a comment, I didn't realize you were answering in the comment section. Just thought my occasional comments went unnoticed. We were both wrong.

GrannyKaren said...

Hi Jenny,

I am still reading - and would be soooo upset if you quit blogging - so don't you dare! Weeks sometime get by before I can catch up on my blog reading, but I try to read every one of your posts. I love hearing about your kids and your daily routine, and your couponing! All of it. I remember when I started following your blog. It was when I Googled and found a canning post, and I was hooked. You're a very good writer, and a sweetheart, and I especially love the "no-fakery here" part :-))) Hugs from KY, Karen

jenny said...

Stephanie D-- I realize now that people who stop by to read don't always have time to comment. And I have to admit, I don't leave comments on every blog I read either, so who am I to cry and beg for comments?! I must say, I appreciate every comment I get and thank you for taking the time to leave one! :o)

GrannyKaren-- Aw, shucks! I wasn't fishing for compliments, too! :o) Thanks for those kind words. I just have to be a little more understanding that I'm not the only one with a busy life-- and there are some out there with even crazier lives than mine! I'll keep on writing, for sure. I kept a journal when I was younger and this has replaced the journal. It's a good way to keep track of my life and all that goes on in it. I just have to step away now and then, go on some R&R for inspiration once in awhile! :o)