Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gretchen's 6th Tooth

We had another visit from the Tooth Fairy-- Gretchen lost tooth number 6! But, oh! The drama that surrounds losing a tooth for Gretchen... phew! She makes pulling a tooth like, well, pulling teeth! It takes me a good 10 minutes to get her loosened up enough to even let me get my fingers on that tooth, and that's if I don't give up in exasperation! It's a lot of coaxing and pleading and bribing and yes, shamefully, begging her to let me pull it. Her tooth got bumped a couple times before and bled, and the new adult tooth was already poking through behind it, so it really needed to come out.

The second it's out, she's all smiles and proud and dashes to the mirror to see her new grin. She's happy to gargle with warm salt water and dutifully uses the whole cup, though it has long since stopped bleeding. Then she poses for the camera before running through the house, showing everyone her new tooth!

Daddy makes the phone call to the Tooth Fairy, putting in the request for a visit. The kids love when he makes the call, and Daddy certainly enjoys making the call. One day, I'll have to write down everything he says when he calls the Tooth Fairy, it cracks me up! She got two dollars for her tooth.

Incidentally, many of Gretchen's pictures look like this. I have to take multiple shots to make sure I get one with her eyes opened. When I asked why she keeps closing her eyes, she says it's because of the flash. She doesn't close her eyes as it flashes, she closes them in anticipation of the flash! Silly girl!


Cheyenne said...

She has such a pretty smile. Yes, you will have to let us know what daddy says when he calls the tooth fairy. I am intrigued now.

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- I'll definitely write down what he says-- he makes it sound like he's talking to the Tooth Fairy answering service and they put him on hold with music like 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth'! It's so funny. The kids watch him make the call and he makes it look authentic!